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Facebook Ad campain error for app installation

When i tried to create facebook ad campain for App install below error message shows every time. Missing or invalid field in promoted objects: For optimisation goal APP_INSTALLS, application_id needs ...
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What is the difference between offer code URL and URL to redeem iOS App Store promo codes

So in the App Store Connect In-app purchase manage, Offer Codes tab, we can see offers with Offer Code URL like this format: (1)
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C# Generate Signature for Apple promotions offer

I try generate signature with the below code to be used from mobile side in Apple store but the generated signature is invalid. Apple Link:
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What's the URL to redeem iOS App Store promo codes

I'd like to be able to generate links that allow users of my iOS app to redeem promo codes for in app purchases. So, they might receive an email with a button that says, "Redeem Code" that takes them ...
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Inapp promotion issues in iOS 11

Apple new Feature for inapp Promotion like For more description i already Configure the iTunes setup, but i am confuse how to use SKProductPromotionConroller in inapp product page. let ...
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Apple iOS: give access to paid app version from free app without any charge

I have two apps: A paid app that costs $0.99 (without ads) A free app - without ads In free version I have share page and if user shares the app 10 times they should be able to get pro (paid) ...
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What is the role of Rate in an Admob house ad campaign

I have made a campaign before in the distant past but this time google has updated the design/functionality and now I have to tell a Rate even in a house ad campaign. I have set the target to 80% of ...
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Listen for PURCHASES_UPDATED for redeem promo codes while my app is running

I'm reading in-app promotions documentation to allow users to redeem promo codes. The docs say we need to cover the case when a user redeems a promo code in Play Store app while our app is running. ...
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Testing In-app Promotions: how to cancel a purchase made with a promo code

Is there any way to cancel a purchase made with a promotion code? The developer console shows the count of redeemed promo codes but I didn't find a way to administrate and cancel them. According to ...
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Android In-app Promotions: The code you entered is invalid

I am implementing Android In-app Promotions, and when I enter the promo code from market I get this message: The code you entered is invalid Can someone post a short tutorial about how to ...
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