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Information Bar appears in IE8 while downloading

I have an application in which there are options to Export the document in Word/PDF format. We do a form submit to post the HTML and send it to the server for conversion. In the back-end the servlet ...
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IE8's information bar blocking a scripted file download in response to JQuery AJAX request

I have an html/javascript frontend that is using JQuery's AJAX request to send XML containing user-entered form data to a backend application which in turn creates a PDF from that information. The ...
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What triggers the information bar in internet explorer?

What causes the IE information bar to pop up and block 'active content' on a webpage?
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IE7: ActiveX Information Bar for Ajax website without ActiveX

We're deploying to our intranet (Internet Explorer 7) an ASP.NET webapp which we created and which we know does not contain ActiveX in any way. A yellow "Information Bar" is appearing when the webapp ...
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