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iTerm is an enhanced terminal emulator for OS X and macOS

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akamai pipeline save cannot write to dist

I am using akamai CLI with MacOS and iTerm. I am trying to execute akamai pipeline save -p myProject test. It returns a Unexpected error occurred: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open... ...
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How to use osascript to open Iterm2 and run script?

Currently, I have an sh file which I use to run a script as such: osascript -e "tell application \"Terminal\" to do script \"cd $PWD && npm run build:watch\"" ...
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How to use mac typing shortcuts in iterm2?

I want to use ⌘ + ← to go to the first character of line and ⌘ + → and similar shortcuts in iTerm2 but couldn't find a straight forward way to make that configuration. I want to know if there is a one ...
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MacOS Getting the file path inside a shell script when opening a file as an application

I'd like to be able to have an option to open a file inside NeoVim in the "Open With" list. That is to open a new terminal window (ITerm in my case), and execute a command that launches ...
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Iterm2: how to set the current zoom as the default for new windows and tabs?

Iterm2 has a comfortable feature that allows us to zoom in and out using the pad or mouse scroll. Once I zoom it to a font size that fits my needs, I want to define the current zoom size as the ...
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iTerm can't delete directories

I just started working with iTerm an I've been playing around, creating folders and files and such. Now I want to get rid of those test folders. I used rmdir, rm -r and all of those commands and I ...
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Triple dot iTerm locks command window - why does this occur and how to unlock the console?

I accidentally entered ... into my iTerm console, which led to a locked console session - what is the meaning behind this behaviour? Couldn't unlock the command line until i closed the session and now ...
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How to configure iterm2 terminal output to be unlimited when running scripts?

I am using NATS and sending messages from one terminal to another. I am observing that if I send the output to a file, I can see everything, but when I want to see in the terminal itself - nothing. ...
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Iterm2 x Powerlevel10K new line shows only >

i have this weird issue with my new iterm and powerlevel10k after configuring it, it shows new "entered" lines as ">" instead of the UI. as seen here: why doesn't it show the &...
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(eval):66: command not found: dirname

After i set anaconda there is an error Iterm error : (eval):66: command not found: dirname ################################## which python -> /opt/anaconda3/bin/python which dirname -> /usr/bin/...
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Zshrc launching python prompt - multiple pythons

I wonder if this is all a PATH issue. I have MacBook Pro 12.6, with homebrew. No pyenv or virtualenv. (perhaps I should..) I am using nvim. When I start iterm it launches python to the python command ...
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How to make `reverse-i-search` case insensitive in bash/iTerm?

How to make reverse-i-search (activated with ctrl+r) case insensitive?
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vim change cursor in different modes with tmux and iTerm2 - works on ssh but not on local machine?

I am trying to make the cursor change depending on the mode in vim while in tmux (using iTerm2 as my terminal emulator). The below setup in my .vimrc works on my local machine without being in tmux, ...
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iTerm2: how to enable auto-scroll down after I manually scroll up?

How can I set up iTerm2 so that it auto-scrolls down even after I scroll up manually? See GIF below. It starts scrolling down normally, but stops after I manually scroll up, even that output is still ...
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Remove activity and new-output indicators in iTerm and zsh

I'm occasionally updating my iTerm prompt with zsh to update current time: # in ~/.zshrc PROMPT='[%D{%H:%M}]'$PROMPT TMOUT=10 TRAPALRM() { zle reset-prompt } Since I have indicator-related ...
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sudo asks for a password instead of getting it from stdin

I have a script running in an open terminal window: while sleep 345600; \ do pass="$(security find-generic-password -w -s 'service' -a 'account')"; \ sudo --stdin <<< "${...
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iterm annoying history window

I have recently changed my MAC and was setting my work environment from scratch. I have noticed that now I have a feature that I've never used before. When I press up arrow up a couple of times iterm ...
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When I copy and paste multiple chunks of Python code into iTerm, it often is not ready correctly unless I do it several times, how can I fix it?

When I copy and paste Python code for evaluation into iTerm, or the Mac terminal, often times it will come up with an error if I am pasting in many functions. I have to repeat the process often many ...
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How to stop retyping "ssh" over and over

My workflow always consists of opening a new terminal window, typing ssh (or scp) followed by cd remote/directory/of/project The domain is long and hard to type, as well as it being a ...
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when launching terminal macos get error Class ATCRTRestoreInfoFTABSubfile is implemented in both

When first launch the termainal always get this error. objc[9318]: Class AppleTypeCRetimerRestoreInfoHelper is implemented in both /usr/lib/libauthinstall.dylib (0x207c11eb0) and /Library/Apple/System/...
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Strange tmux status-bar rendering issues iterm2

I'm running into this strange issue with my tmux in iterm where it appears to be rendering on the wrong line, but this causes strange rendering issues to happen Here is the basic behavior: You'll ...
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How to upgrade system node in nodenv?

I am using nodenv to manage my application's node versions. Currently my global node is set to system. $ nodenv global system $ node -v v16.10.0 I've tried to set up global node to v17.5.0 but ...
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How to highlight IPv4 address in iTerm

A friend recently destroyed a server because he mistyped an IP address, and we thought: how could we make IP addresses clearer to the eye in our day to day Terminal use. We mostly work from MacOS and ...
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Is it possible to create a macro / script in iTerm2 that insert text automatically selected from a list?

I use iTerm2 as my default terminal app in OSX. A would like to ask if is possible to insert text automatically with a hotkey (or selecting it from a menu), with iTerm, like the old macros of some ...
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VSCode terminal send same sequence like in iterm

I am using VSCode integrated terminal together with zsh and zsh-autosuggestions. Everything is working as expected except for autosuggest-execute command. I am looking for a way to send '^[auto' ...
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How to disable history popup in iTerm2?

I am using iTerm 2 for Mac How can I disable this "history pop up window"?
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How to make iTerm autocomplete a partial command when pressing the 'up' arrow key? [closed]

I currently have iTerm version 3.4.12. In my old work computer I had a different version that would autocomplete a partial command based on the previous commands I had typed when pressing the up key, ...
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How to restore iTerm2 tabs in the same directory

I would like to restore iTerm2 tabs in their own directories as they were when iTerm2 was closed. For instance, I have 10 tabs, in each tab I have different directories. Now, when I close iTerm2 and ...
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iTerm2 Python API: how to run a command AND capture result

It's quite easy to send a command using the API: #!/usr/bin/env python3 import tkinter as tk import iterm2 # To install, update, or remove packages from PyPI, use Scripts > Manage > Manage ...
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Why does my terminal give me an error when trying to cd to another directory

I am using iTerm and oh-my-zsh. When I try and cd into a directory on the command line I get this message Can't find a suitable configuration file in this directory or any parent: not found. Here is ...
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Do I need to update my path to run ts-node on iterm (zsh)?

I tried installing ts-node using npm using the following commands, npm install -g typescript npm install -g ts-node reference: However, when I run ...
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How to switch tabs in iTerm2 on a Mac using SHIFT-arrow keys, _not_ CTRL-arrow keys

Pretty much what the title says... My work flow in iTerm2 (just upgraded to 3.4.10 to see if that fixed the problem; no, it did not) let me hit Shift-Left Arrow to move to the previous tab and Shift-...
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iTerm2 - how to run command in a pane code inside of a loop

I'm trying to split panes in iTerm and run commands in each pane. If I run one command after another manually it's fine. However, when I run those same commands inside of a loop I have a problem. Can ...
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How to use ffmpeg merge all the videos in the catalog in an orderly manner?

I have a lot of regular video clips 1.mp4 2.mp4 ... 11.mp4 I use command below to combine all the clips: ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i <(for f in ./*.mp4; do echo "file '$PWD/$f'"; done) -...
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iterm2 problems with a tringle symbol in the .zshrc pront

I have installed too many times and configure the .p10k.zsh file too many times as well !!!, but always appear a triangle at begins of the terminal, how to avoid that triangle in blue color ?? Thanks
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How to open iTerm from the terminal in Visual Studio Code?

I tried the command iterm . but it says zsh: command not found: iterm. How can I create a shortcut for iterm so I can open it from other terminal tools? Pretty much I want open -a iTerm . to be ...
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In iterm how do I show the start time of a command

I would like to see when I typed a certain command. How do I display this in my terminal prompt?
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How do I turn screen logging off?? I did `screen -L` once and now a file called screenlog.0 keeps getting generated

I entered screen -L in iTerm2, and now whenever I open a new terminal window, a new file screenlog.0 gets created and shows up in git, which I don't want (and I don't want to delete it every single ...
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Change jest test output (iTerm being weird)

I am using latest iTerm on catalina with the "Semantic History" feature which allows you to Cmd+Click urls and filename/paths in the terminal. I set iTerm to open vscode: This seems to work ...
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vim on iterm cannot open as full screen

I wonder about this bottom and left gap, and also wanna remove it It occurs only when i open "vim", not Iterm itself Is there any solution?
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iTerm2 click to open selected path

➜ ~ brew remove proxifier ==> Uninstalling Cask proxifier Error: It seems there is already an App at '/usr/local/Caskroom/proxifier/2.22/'. Here's a common log, which contains a path ...
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How to use Neovim as External editor for Godot (Godot executable permissions)

I am trying to configure Godot to use launch Neovim in iTerm2 when I double click on a file containing code in the editor, however, a terminal window pops up instead with the following error: /Users/...
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aws cli's response is not json format

When I authenticate in cognito using aws cognito-idp admin-initiate-auth with iterm, the response format is not json(like below). And the key of value aren't shown, so I can't find which is access ...
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Paste bracketing causes slow pastes

When I paste in large blocks of text, or even just long commands or urls, pasting is done character by character and takes a long time. I can make it speed up by pressing right arrow but that ...
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ITerm: Is there a way to reprint output of previous command without running it?

Of course, we can feed the output of any command to a file. Using command > /tmp/filename Or even better use command | tee /tmp/filename to have the standard output be fed onto the terminal as ...
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Open 2 screens split with zsh & iterm2 via script

I would like to have a script which would be able to open 1 iterm tab which contains 2 split screens inside via script. Is it possible or should I install an additional lib for that?
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How to use private key with ssh login on Mac terminal? My attempts result in `Load key "/path/to/privatekey": invalid format`

I usually use putty on windows for ssh login, which has an option to add a private key for logging in. I switched to Mac and I am using iTerm2 to attempt to log into the server. I tried the command ...
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On a remote ssh session in Ubuntu (local is a Mac OS computer), why do colors come on when I type "bash"? [closed]

On my Mac, after sshing into a ubuntu 18.04 computer, using iTerm, after typing in bash I see the ls colors turn on. Why is this?
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iTerm now showing cursor when pressing Shift + arrow key

As you can see in this picture, iTerm is adding a kind of overlay cursor (plus this paper icon) above the terminal windows when I press Shift + any arrow key. It seems to be a text selection tool or ...
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How do I customise iTerm terminal to show me (master)?

I download something from Git, it was provided by Linux Academy, I'm just curious, once I got in that folder, in my terminal pops up a word in green (master) and disappears when I get back, I saw that ...
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