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Questions tagged [javascriptservices]

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0 answers

Cookies in Vue SSR

I am building an app using .Net Core with VueJs along with JavascriptServices&NodeServices for ServerSideRendering, and Identity as auth mechanism. Scenario : I navigate to /details page - ...
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ASP.NET Core React Application returning 400 with no message on GET

My application was working fine, and then the next day I ran it (dotnet run) and it started returning 400 for all requests, with no message. I can reproduce the issue on various machines; however, ...
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AngularJS parameters in Url

I am using AngularJS and I want to create one service that consumes a REST API. The service definition is like function DiscoveryService($resource, userContextService) { var apiBaseUrl = ...
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ASP.NET JavaScriptServices v2 Template - Add Azure B2C Authentication Static Files

I'm using the new ASP.NET JavaScriptServices template and trying to add basic B2C authentication. I simply want if the user doesn't have an ASP.NET Core Auth Cookie for them to be directed instantly ...
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1 vote
2 answers

AspNetCore NodeServices throws NodeInvocationException

I am using NodeServices to create PDF in AspNetCore app. App works fine on local machine but when deployed on production, on calling the pdf function, I get the following error: Error: spawn D:\...
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1 answer

JavascriptServices window not defined from server side prerendering

I am using javascriptservices template with angular2+, and I am trying to find a solution for importing libraries into my component that try to access window. Javascript services use server-side pre-...
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11 votes
3 answers

Serve Angular spa pathed off the root

I'm looking to upgrade an existing 4.5 mvc site which has two angular applications to an asp.netcore 2 mvc site with potentially two spa's. using Aspnet Javascriptservices with the new ...
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0 answers

How to correctly save/display an image to/from local storage

I am developing an app using javaScriptServices, with the react+redux template. I am consuming an API endpoint that returns an image as base64, this image happens to be a user avatar image. Code for ...
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0 answers

How to create a production build using javascriptServices and react+redux template

I would like to deploy my app (using javaScriptServices) for production. In my webpack.config I have added this code: ... var API_URL = { development: JSON.stringify('devApiUrl'), production: ...
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1 answer

configuration file in javascriptservices react-redux template

I know this one is a very common question, and I have seen it being answered multiple times in multiple sites, but i could not manage to get it working The thing is I am consuming and api for a react ...
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