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Questions tagged [jquery-transit]

jQuery Transit is a jQuery plugin to help you do CSS transformations and transitions in jQuery.

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2 votes
2 answers

jQuery cycle2 and JQuery Transit not working on first slide

I am using jQuery transit to trying an add some css3 movement to my slides in my jQuery Cycle2 slideshow. I have managed to get all BUT the first slide to have the effect. See my code below. Like I ...
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2 answers

jQuery Stop Only Animations Being Set

Say I have this. var e = $('#div'); I want to do e.fadeOut(3000).animate({'top':500}, 3000); And then e.animate({'top':250}, 3000); Immediately, stopping the original top animation on e, but ...
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1 answer

Restrict jQuery/CSS3 rotate logic to always rotate clockwise

I'm using the jQuery transit plugin to rotate a block element with 4 navigation controls; each time a nav item is clicked, the rotated block should rotate to the custom data attribute of that nav item ...
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Callback complete function not working properly using transit js and jQuery.

So I am trying to build some navigation using jquery transit The opens/slide down navigation is working fine. It sets the child ul to display block and then runs the animation/transition. The ...
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Changing transparency of items inside array

What I want to do is change the transparancy of the jpg's. I have put my ul li img inside an array. When I click an image I can see in my console, the position of the clicked image, inside the array. ...
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1 answer

jQuery Transit Function Complete

I have created these two functions using jquery transit that are designed to slide in a new block of html on to the page when the user presses on the right or left buttons. They work some of the time. ...
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0 votes
2 answers

jQuery Transit support for font-size property

I can't seem to get this plugin to transition the css property 'font-size'. I get an 'unexpected token -' error whenever I try to run it. Any thoughts? Is this property not supported by Transit?
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1 answer

Why jQuery transit doesn't work on mobile?

I am using this syntax: var slidesContainerElem = jQuery('.elementContainer'); var currSlideElem = jQuery('.element'); slidesContainerElem.transition({ x: -currSlideElem.position().left },750); It ...
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1 answer

jquery.transit - how to pass translate to element's "right" attribute instead of "left"?

I want to use jquery transit and I want it to work reversed. And I mean right to left. for example: $('.box').transition({ x: '40px' }); will move the 'box' 40px to right. but i want it to move to ...
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2 answers

jquery transit opacity animation conflict?

I have an element that I want to move and the, half way through the move, start fading out. By the time the move is complete, it has 0 opacity. I am using the transit library to make these animations ...
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2 votes
2 answers

jQuery Waypoints - How to fire action everytime the page is scrolled and the element is in view?

I have an object that I want to spin whenever the user scrolls the page and that object is currently in view. So if my object is right in the middle of the page when the site is first loaded, I want ...
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0 votes
3 answers

jQuery transit on hover

fairly new at jQuery having trouble working out how to get jQuery transit working on hover. $(".rotate").hover(function(){ $(this).transition({ perspective: '100px', rotateY: '180deg' ...
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1 answer

CSS3 animations with transit not simultaneous in IE/FF

I'm working on a presentation library to make my life a whole lot easier. Naturally animations are a pretty integral part of this. The library uses Transit to power the animations for accelerated ...
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1 answer

Jquery Move Div to Center of Screen (Masonry JS)

I am using Jquery Transit and Masonry JS. There is a button in my div that, when clicked on, should change the containers position to fixed and move it to the center of the screen (using Jquery ...
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1 vote
2 answers

jQuery Transit animation overlapping

I have a problem with overlapping transitions - one transition starts before the previous one gets to end. $obj.stop(true, false).transition({'-webkit-transform': 'translateX(' + (pos) + 'px)', '...
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1 answer

How to fast-blur in css/js?

I am having a performance issue when combining blurred images with some subpixel translate animation (I am using jQuery Transit): filter: blur(5px);^ On mousemove, blur is recalculated to simulate ...
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0 votes
1 answer

I want to give an effect of zoom out from 200% to 100%

I'm using waypoints and jquery transit. I'm able to achieve the effect of zoom out from 200% to 100%. But for that i have to write all my css to default of 200% and then my jquery transit ake it ...
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4 votes
3 answers

How to pause and restart a css3 transition in jquery transit

I'm using jquery transit to move and element. I want to pause the animation and continue it on click of a button. But i'm unable to figure out how to do it. JSFiddle : ...
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47 votes
3 answers

Rotate a div using javascript

I want to click on one div and rotate another div then when the firsts div is clicked again the other div rotates back to its original position. I can reference this library if required http://...
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0 votes
2 answers

jQuery + Transit rotation

I'm using jquery-2.0.2.min.js and jquery.transit.min.js in my page. I have a div with the id="expand", and it toggles in rotating when you click it. My problem is when after the 2nd toggle, it won't ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Jquery transit & Mouseover

I would like to create a transition animation on mouseover with the script : Transit All is done, well... with one exception. The transition works, but if you pass the mouses several times (like 5 ...
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1 answer

Issues with a jQuery Transit implementation

I am working on a prototype that is basically on a high-level an image viewer. I implemented (rotate, zoom-in, zoom-out, left, right, up and down.) I am having issues when I hit rotate first it seems ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Replace jQuery slide with transition() from Transit

Found this and would love to replace .animate() with .transition() ( Replace jQuery slide with animate() CSS3 This does not seem to animate, but is instead ...
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1 answer

hover function with scale jquery

I cant figure out whats wrong here. I have made this fiddle: It is solved by adding a a transit script for jquery. you can download one here:
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2 votes
1 answer

jQuery Transit issue wordpress

I'm implementing a wordpress plugin and i'm getting this error. Error message: "LayerSlider WP: jQuery Transit issue It looks like one of your other plugins also uses jQuery Transit and ...
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16 votes
1 answer

CSS3 transition leaves a trail

It happens sometimes with particular text, transitioning with CSS3. I do not know the reason why it happens and thus I cannot recreate the same in jsfiddle. But you can look at 4th slide (the one ...
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1 answer

cannot repeat animation - jQuery Transit

Using the jQuery plugin Transit, I cannot get my animation to repeat itself more then just once. This is my jQuery: $('.cart').mouseenter(function(){ $('.cartIcon').transition({ ...
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29 votes
6 answers

How to animate CSS Translate

Is it possible to animate the CSS property translate via jquery? $('.myButtons').animate({"transform":"translate(50px,100px)"}) and does it work in many browsers? Demo not working: http://jsfiddle....
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0 answers

jquery transit inconsistency

Ive put this example together to show a problem I am having with jquery transit. What I want to happen is for the UL to seem like it is infinitely going up. Youll notice, I have that it shifts 146 ...
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jQuery Transit animation not working in Firefox or IE

I've been trying to mess around with the jQuery transit easing class located at: I've set up a simple chaining of 4 .class elements, that I move from one spot ...
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3 answers

Jquery Transit Not working

I've been playing around with the jquery plugin Jquery Transit : but no matter what I do, the code doesn't behave like I expect it to (as a matter of fact, it ...
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14 votes
2 answers

jQuery Transit: Object none has no method 'setFromString'

I have loaded in jQuery transit, and I made sure I did it after loading jQuery, but I still get this error: I have looked at the resources panel in Chrome, and jQuery transit is being loaded after ...
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