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Does anyone know how keydb works internally and how it works on multi threading or have any source for that?

I recently had a chance to explore the keydb. And now i need lots of clarifications that how they work with multi threading. In keydb we give the thread count in config files and during the server ...
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Lettuce redis client command retry mechanism

Is there any mechanism in the lettuce client to retry the command if it doesn't receive a response in some time? I have observed that lettuce is retrying the command after 200 ms if the response is ...
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How to call KeyDB's EXPIREMEMBER method from PHP

I am working on replacing Redis with KeyDB in my application, in order to utilise the KeyDB EXPIREMEMBER feature. However, this method is not included with PHPRedis. Is there a KeyDB drop-in ...
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Should I use many segments in KeyDb?

I am refactoring a project with legacy code and moving the old cache to KeyDb. I have many classes which use cache. Each of them is working with the ids of users. One is for membership, the other for ...
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KeyDb replica master is connected, but not working

I want to create an active-active replication for keydb, I used the official docs , however, I'm not getting the expected results, even though I'm not getting ...
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Proper Fault-tolerant/HA setup for KeyDB/Redis in Kubernetes

Sorry for a long post, but I hope it would relieve us from some of clarifying questions. I also added some diagrams to split the wall of text, hope you'll like those. We are in the process of moving ...
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which system should I choose to make it easier to transfer it to a cluster later?

we have a small project, and we want to start using a non-clustered version of either keydb or redis. I've read a lot of reviews. I would like to hear more. Which system will be easier to turn into a ...
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Golang how to get started with KEYDB [closed]

I started studying the question of how to replace REDIS and found descriptions of the KEYDB database, but I did not find a description of how to start using it with Golang, if there are examples or ...
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KeyDB and multithreading: Looks like no multithreading is going on?

I am experimenting with KeyDB to see if and how much performance improvements can be gained, as there are definitely bottlenecks with Redis single-threaded query model. So I found KeyDB, and they say ...
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Redis set key, val only if val matches a previous one for concurrency

How can one do this? Using Jedis and Java. I am working with hset right now, but does no really matter. Does one have to send along lua code to achieve this? How is that done with Jedis?
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IOREDIS - Error Trying to Migrate from Redis to KeyDB

We were using Redis for a plenty of time until we have come to the conclusion that moving to KeyDB may be a good choice for its features. Environment OS: Centos 7 NodeJs: v12.18.0 Redis: v6.0.5 ...
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Dataset for testing KeyDB

I'm new to the world of in-memory dbs, expecially the KeyDb is known to me for just like a couple of days, I wonder if the dataset that KeyDb/Redis had been tested on, is publicly available. I would ...
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