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Keyman is a free and open-source application that enables modifying keyboard layouts to suit a vast number of languages.

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How to make a keyboard font with TTF files into a language?

I'm trying to change the US English input language keyboard "ENG" on my laptop to a custom TTF front that im using on Keyman Developer. I found a font with cool alien letters and symbols and ...
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Use of variable stores and or groups seems to be causing a crash

I tried implementing the variable store function to switch groups in a keyboard layout I developed, only for them to fail to implement in real use. To give you an idea, I'll write the gist of it in ...
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keyman.setDefaultKeyboardForControl(Pelem, keyboard, languageCode); function is not working with iframe element

It is showing warning that 'keymanweb.setKeyboardForControl' cannot set keyboard on iframes. I want to manually set specific language of keyman on iframe element. Please help me out to achieve the ...
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Is it possible to install and distribute custom Keyman keyboards on Android devices without predictive text?

Please pardon if my question is simple as I'm not a programmer nor anything like that (yet). But, I've been experimenting with producing custom calligraphic and creative fonts for some years and have ...
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How do I efficiently control normalisation in a keyman keyboard using groups?

I am in the process of refactoring and redesigning the code in a few keyboards. The keyboards use options to control whether Unicode Normalisation Form C (NFC) or Normalisation Form D (NFD) is used. ...
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Keyman Android custom layout

I have created an app with Android Studio that needs a custom keyboard with only a few letters and numbers. I can create alternate keys in the Keyman development IDE but I can't find how to change ...
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How to use senthamizh fonts SMZTH (tamil language)?

How to use senthamizh fonts in word 2016, the font layout not in your keyman desktop, how to use the font??? Please help ... The senthamizh font (SMZTH ) font is not unicode , how to use it??
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Keyman developer 10 won't match rules in Odia script

I'm making a custom keyboard for Oriya/ Odia script with Keyman developer 10 but it won't do contextual substitutions when all the input is in Odia script. For example + [K_K] > U+0B15 + [K_T] >...
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Alt key gets ignored by Keyman Developer

I'm attempting to make a keyboard in Keyman Developer 9.0. But rules involving any of the Alt keys seem to get ignored and produce no output in the debugger. Here's my MCVE: this keyboard layout ...
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