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Questions tagged [kotlin-experimental]

Experimental APIs, subject to change in future versions of Kotlin.

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Jetpack Compose Experimental API Stability in Production mode

In Jetpack Compose, there exists various number of Experimental APIs like pullRefresh and ModalBottomSheet... Is it advisable to employ an Experimental API in a production environment, such as when ...
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Can we use kotlin contracts to specify at least one of the lambda block will be executed in kotlin?

I have a function as follows. fun handleResult( onSuccess:() -> Unit, onFailure:() -> Unit ){ } Is there a way to specify kotlin compiler that one of the blocks between 2 is sure to be ...
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Avoid ExperimentalMaterial3Api-OptIn in a Kotlin Android-App

Using Jetpack Compose and Android Studio, I have been trying to learn developing apps. I wanted to have a Text Widget display exactly what was typed into a text field. When building this, following ...
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react-native-gradle-plugin kotlin.ExperimentalStdlibApi declaration is experimental and its usage must be marked

I have been trying to build React Native App i have been searching everywhere I cannot solve this issue. Any help or advise would be very much apprenticed. My Android build has this error: /...
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'@kotlin.ExperimentalStdlibApi' or '@OptIn(kotlin.ExperimentalStdlibApi::class)'

e: /Users/abc/update/node_modules/react-native-gradle-plugin/src/main/kotlin/com/facebook/react/TaskConfiguration.kt: (29, 33): This declaration is experimental and its usage must be marked with '@...
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Kotlin: How to use higher order functions with OpenEndRange<LocalDate>

I want to use higher order functions like map for open end ranges. val from = val to = (from ..< to).forEach(::println) I tried to copy an example for ...
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Can I use a Kotlin Contract to guarantee the non-nullity of another property?

I have a class with a nullable property description: String?, and for convenience would like to expose a fun hasDescription(): Boolean that null-checks said String. For even more convenience, I am ...
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20 votes
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Handling multiple experimental annotations throughout an app

I have an app that makes heavy use of experimental features for Jetpack Compose so I have to declare a bunch of annotations on the composables. Since these annotations require callers to also declare ...
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How to use Kotlin ExperimentalUnsignedTypes project wide (AndroidStudio)

I'm trying to use the @ExperimentalUnsignedTypes in my AndroidStudio project. It seems I have to put that just about everywhere, so I'd rather set it once project wide. The documentation says ...
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Kotlin 1.3.50 Parcelize unresolved reference error

Working my first android app, kotlin 1.3.50. I initially implemented Parcelable, but switched to parcelize and then added the enums. Here is my data class package com.igniterobotics.scouting_2019....
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Room database with Kotlin inline class as an Entity field

I am trying to get Room( work with Kotlin's inline classes as described in Jake Whartons article Inline Classes Make Great Database IDs: ...
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UByteArray equality operator

In Kotlin code I have two UByteArray objects, and I want to know if they have the same stuff in them: val a : UByteArray = get() val b : UByteArray = get() if (a == b) println("The same stuff") Is ...
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Kotlin inline class in JUnit tests

I am trying to understand concept of inline classes - they are a simple object wrapper of single property that is being inlined during runtime. That means, that the actual initialization of the class ...
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kotlin async doesn't compile

The following code doesn't compile, although the documentation says it should be as simple as this: override fun onResume() { super.onResume() async { Log.d("foo", "async") } } ...
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Can't find referenced class kotlin.internal.annotations.AvoidUninitializedObjectCopyingCheck

When ProGuard is enabled for an Android project with Kotlin, the Gradle build fails with the following error: Warning: HomeChargerLocation: can't find referenced class kotlin.internal.annotations....
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