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Generating Multiple Lighthouse Reports Using Lambda Hooks

I am trying to integrate lighthouse with my lambda tests to generate multiple lighthouse reports using lambda hooks- ...
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Implementation of Parallel test execution by customizing an existing Ruby-Rspec framework

We are working on an existing Ruby-Rspec framework which designed to execute sequential tests on different batches which is statically designed in framework itself. Now, we are trying to enhance it by ...
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How to maximize the Window size in Playwright?

I'm running my Playwright test scenarios and facing an issue while trying to run scenarios with windows “maximized” / full window. I set viewport as null for browser context, and it works in ...
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LambdaTest Appium Integration : Driver session Response code 400. Message: unsupported platfrom ANDROID

I have configured my automation app to run appium on lambdatest. But I am getting the below error where it is unable to create the driver session Driver info:
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Trying to upload file to input tag via UI in Karate using LambdaTest Hub

I'm working to try and access a file that was uploaded to LambdaTest storage via Karate. I've been able to successfully upload and delete files using the LambdaTest api:
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How to make pipeline fail when a error is outputted from java appium

I want to make my pipeline fail if I have an error. For now, for example, if I don't find an item, my pipeline shows as if everything is OK. For example, if i dont obtain an element, i say to my code ...
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How to get LambdaTest session ID from within Playwright tests?

I have automation tests written in Playwright, I'm using CucumberJS with it and my tests are running on LambdaTest. Inside my code I want to print LambdaTest session ID that is generated for each ...
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How rename steps on test log in Lambda test app automation

i want rename steps like "click element" steps on lambda test i have this in code: MobileElement login = (MobileElement) driver.findElementByXPath("//android.widget.Button[@index='1']&...
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Serenity JUnit tests are not getting executed in parallel with LambdaTest Maven Tunnel [closed]

I am using all these dependencies in the POM.xml for my serenity project. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <project xmlns="
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How to use lambda-file-exists validation when not knowing the file name

Im creating an automation testing using Selenium+Lambda and have to validade if a file is downloaded. I found the following solution in lambda support page
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'Cypress Config File does not exist' - Lambdatest can't see cypress configuration file

I've got installed Cypress on my Vue project and created just a few simple tests that perform great when I run Cypress with this command npx cypress open. I am trying to implement automatisation with ...
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Command logs in Lambdatest disappear after test finishes

I have UI based tests written using Specflow & MSTest. Recently I needed to migrate my tests from NUnit to MSTest. After this migration I noticed that when test is running I can see command logs, ...
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Does Lambdatest Playwright support playwright bundled browsers

I am new to Lambdatest Playwright. As seen in Lambdatest capability generator, chrome browsers are supported. I want to know if those browsers will ...
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