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How to start a Local langchain4j Server?

I'm trying to learn langchain4j. I see some of the available examples are using the OpenAPI Key but I'd prefer downloading a Model and experiment with it. Can anyone point me to some examples that use ...
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Why does langchain4j openAI api breaks while using in a Jakarta EE Rest web app?

I am new to Jakarta EE and I am trying to build a rest based chatbot using openAI apis with langchain4j. @Path("blockChat") public class BlockChat { private OpenAiChatModel chatModel; ...
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Quota exceeded for quota metric 'LLM utility requests' and limit 'LLM utility requests per minute per region' of service ''

I am trying to use the vertex API Text embedding using Langchain4J, in Micronaut application @Singleton public record VertexAiEmbedding(GoogleCloudConfiguration googleCloudConfiguration, ...
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langchain4j: How to get document by id

I can query a milvus vector database like this val relevant: List<EmbeddingMatch<TextSegment>> = milvusEmbeddingStore.findRelevant(queryEmbedding, 10) So I then get a list of documents ...
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Ollama not found with Quakus, forbidden with Firefox RESTED plugin

I'm running Ollama in Docker. I tried to install it as a service, the issue is the same. I'm on Unbuntu 22.04. I created a Quarkus project with the quarkus-langchain4j-ollama dependency. When I run ...
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LangChain4j: How to create a service (AIServices) with memory and streaming for responses?

I would like to use a LangChain4j service with memory and streaming. Code without streaming: Assistant assistant = AiServices.builder(Assistant.class) .chatLanguageModel(model) .chatMemory(...
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Langchain4j pgvector implementation as an EmbeddingStore?

I'm building a RAG based AI service using Langchain4j. I have one microservice that is ingesting and saving my documents (pdfs, csv, words...) in my PostgreSQL DB (with vector extension) as embeddings....
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Use locally downloaded Hugging Face model from langchain4j

I have successfully downloaded following Hugging Face sentence similarity model to local directory: Structure of the model is: config.json ...
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How to re-use embedded documents for Few-Shot LLM queries in Langchain4j?

I have an LLM Chat model with token limitation. I am trying to pass Sample User Messages and Expected AI Message Responses to the LLM to train it how to provide a response based on text extracted from ...
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