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Librato is a cloud platform for real-time operations analytics that accepts metrics from any source for real-time aggregation and transformation, anomaly detection, alerting, visual analysis and storage.

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Setting tag property for librato metrics with librato-metrics node package

I am using node-metrics package for posting librato metrics and not able to figure out how to add tags to the metrics. I tried below code but it does not work. It posts the metrics fine but I do not ...
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Librato composite error: What does: Unable to execute composite: ["error": "Requested MD data from SD endpoint"]. mean?

I want to create an alert that triggers whenever one of the following counter statistics is not zero: a.b.c.failed a.b.e.failed I already use these statistics separately on a dashboard page, but as ...
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Nesting aggregate functions in Librato

I have 3 measures, and I want to add measure1 and measure2 and then subtract measure3 from the result. I'm unable to get the composite metric below to work. Any help would be appreciated. subtract([ ...
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Spring Boot auto-configured metrics not arriving to Librato

I am using Spring Boot with auto-configure enabled (@EnableAutoConfiguration) and trying to send my Spring MVC metrics to Librato. Right now only my own created metrics are arriving to Librato but ...
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Count number of point for a librato metric

I'm trying to build a composite metric to know how many point are sent on a period for a specific metric. The closer stackoverflow response to this is about counting the number of source, and I failed ...
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Monitoring Agent for Sensu, Librato

Can we have a single agent/clients for following monitoring tools, Sensu Librato Nagios NewRelic Thank you.
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Librato installation fail with "Error: Reading the config file failed!"

The "Easy install" isn't working, no data are sent to Librato I followed step by instructions for "Advanced" and end up with this error : Error: Reading the config file failed! Read the logs for ...
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Dropwizard Metric Annotations @Timed not working

I'm trying to automatically publish metrics to my MetricRegistry using annotations like @Timed ( This ...
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Can we access Librato dashboard from AWS lambda

I am currently logging something into Librato metrics in my c# code as below: // need to install librato4net nuget package MetricsPublisher.Current.Increment("metricsName"); Now, I want to create a ...
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Trouble with composite metric composition

I'm trying to create a simple composite of two metrics for a Big Number chart: mean([ series("metric.a", {}), series("metric.b", {}) ]) But when I do I receive the following error. Is my syntax ...
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How to alert on an event that normally happens once a day?

I have a batch job that runs once per day. At the end of the job I submit a meter metric with a count of the items processed. I want to alert if one day this metric is not updated. On http://...
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Retrieving metrics through librado using NodeJS

Good morning! I'm having troubles trying to get a single number from librato to use in a html page. I just want to get the last value of the metric, the name of ...
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Error 400/401 trying to create a webhook

I am brand new to webhooks and have had a nightmare trying to get my first one to function. I am trying to use a Particle Photon to send a single float temperature variable to a site that can graph ...
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How do I create an Apdex score in Librato?

Say I have a series of request timings and and I want to score them and I have 2 thresholds, 4s and 12s. A request completed in 4s or less gets +1, between 4s and 12s gets +0, and over 12s gets -1. I ...
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How can i count the total number of sources my metric has with Librato?

I'm trying to build a composite metric which displays the count of sources reporting for a metric, and alert on it (for example if the number of source count is less than 3). Is this possible?
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Adding a Source to Librato Data When Sending through Segment

I am trying to figure out how to add a source to a metric in Librato when sending the information via Segment. I am using the python library and have tried creating a property for source (below) but ...
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Log changes to a model with Librato

I have a Devise model: class Account < ActiveRecord::Base devise ::trackable I'd like to see the number of times an Account is created and signed in to, in Librato.
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Librato > Composite Metrics: Subtract two meters

I have two different meters reporting values: Meter A: Items looked up against data store Meter B: Items returned from data store I want my chart to also have a composite metric that just tracks the ...
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How to configure collectd-snmp to poll a router?

I am trying to use a Raspberry Pi to poll the interface MIB (IF:MIB) of a TP-LINK router and then send the metrics to Librato. Setting up collectd and integrating it with Librato is no problem at all -...
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Add Librato Annotation on Heroku Deployment

Is there an easy way to add a post-deploy command to a Heroku push/deploy which will add a corresponding annotation to Librato? (I'm using Rails if it makes a difference) I'm currently looking at ...
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