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Istio to Lightstep and Jaegar

We are reviewing Managed Anthos Service Mesh(istio) in GCP, their is no straight forward setup for Lightstep, so we are trying to push traces from envoy to otel collector process and export it to ...
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How to choose an Opentelemetry backend vendor?

With Opentelemetry becoming the new standard of tracing, and it being vendor-agnostic, how do we then choose a backend vendor for opentelemetry? For example, there are currently many vendors that ...
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How to use lightstep/otel-launcher-node as an OpenTelemetry exporter?

Before I was using lightstep/opentelemetry-exporter-js, I can use my own exporters and Lightstep exporter at same time. import { CollectorTraceExporter } from '@opentelemetry/exporter-collector'; ...
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