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How to find invalid Link Grammar tokens?

I'd like to use the Link Grammar Python3 bindings for a simple grammar checker. While the linkage API is relatively well-documented, there doesn't seem to be way to access all tokens that prevent ...
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Installing pylinkgrammar throws error " error: command 'C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\\VC\\BIN\\cl .exe' failed with exit status 2"

i am trying to install pylinkgrammar in python 3.6 on my windowns 7 system, after installing "Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0" and "Visual C++ Build tools", installing "pip install pylinkgrammar" throws ...
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installing pylinkgrammar for windows

I am trying to install link grammar on windows for python using "pip install pylinkgrammar" command. I am getting an error which says "Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0 required." Then I installed Visual C+...
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Use java binding of link grammar parser in eclipse

I want to use link grammar parser in my eclipse java project. I have downloaded Link Grammar 5.3.13 from I have read its README file, but i am unable to ...
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How to translate syntatic parse to a dependency parse tree?

Using Link Grammar I can have the syntaxic parse of sentences something like the following: +-------------------Xp------------------+ +------->WV------->+------Ost------+ | +-----...
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How to use the link grammar parser as a grammar checker

Abiword uses the link grammar parser as a simple grammar checker. I'd like to duplicate this feature with Python. Poorly documented Python bindings exist, but I don't know how to use them to mimic ...
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1 answer

What other bindings are there except for pylinkgrammar

I am trying to using link-grammar within python. However, it appears that there is a bug in the current version. What other bindings/solutions are there to integrate link-grammar within python?
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Fatal Error Installing linkparser on Ubuntu 11.10

I am using rvm, ruby 1.9.3, link-grammar (sudo apt-get install link-grammar), and pkg-config. I have the same setup on OSX, and it works great. Running 'gem install linkparser' fails on this: /usr/...
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can't build linkparser on snow leopard

I'm trying to build LinkParser in Ruby. I have RVM Ruby 1.9.2, initially the installer failed to build LinkParser because link-grammar wasn't present, but once I installed it with sudo port install ...
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using link grammar parser

Is it adequate to use the link grammar parser to do POS tagging? How is the performance when it comes to informal english with a little of my country's lingo? Does the link grammar parser also ...
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