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Having to do with the (obsolete) versions of Mac OS prior to Mac OS X. Questions about these versions often relate to retrocomputing or backwards compatibility.

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How to get Duktape to run on Mac 68k (like it does on PPC?)

I'm writing a small app that runs on MacOS 7.x - 9.x (using Macintosh Toolbox) and I've decided to include Duktape. I use CodeWarrior 6.0 running on MacOS 9. I use the Low Memory configuration, found ...
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What is the value of '\n' under C compilers for old Mac OS?

Background: In versions of Mac OS up to version 9, the standard representation for text files used an ASCII CR (carriage return) character, value decimal 13, to mark the end of a line. Mac OS 10, ...
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Finding Macintosh file's attributes

I will illustrate a use case of my issue. I have here two files which happen to be the Finder 7.5.5 and Finder 8.1 from legacy Mac OS versions. If I use Cmd + I I get the following information: ...
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Binary converter tool/script in OS X (to generate webfont from old PostScript font file)?

I have been told I need to use Mac Binary Converter to convert a postscript font into a macbinary .bin file for use with fontsquirrel. I am generally quite comfortable with command line (using Ruby ...
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OS X Lion Automator saving scripts in classic mode?

I have an automator application I wrote that uses some basic automator tools and incorporates in some AppleScript, and it saves and runs on my computer correctly (I am running OS X 10.7.5). I emailed ...
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Linking CFString with a SIOW app in MPW

I'm toying around with development on Mac OS 9 using Macintosh Programmers Workshop. I notice in the CImports folder there is a CFString.h with our beloved Core Foundation string. I've managed to ...
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Are there some references left for the Mac OS Classic runtime?

I'm working on an implementation of the Mac OS Classic runtime to run Classic programs on OS X again. The project includes a PowerPC emulator, a PEF executable linker, and the possibility to call into ...
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Mac OS 7-9 - C programming

I'm curious how many C features that depend on standard Unix features work on Mac OS System 7 through OS 9. I don't have any development experience with the platform, but I know that there is no ...
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What is the structure of a MPW tool's main symbol?

This question is about Mac OS Classic, which has been obsolete for several years now. I hope someone still knows something about it! I've been building a PEF executable parser for the past few weeks ...
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How to run legacy Mac code on a faster, remote machine?

We've inherited some legacy software that we need to run quite urgently. It was written in Lisp and we don't have the source code (developer is dead), only runs on Mac OS 9 (some bug seems to prevent ...
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Where can I get resources for developing for Mac OS Classic? [closed]

I recently got bored and fired up my old Mac OS Classic emulator, and then got nostalgic for writing old-school applications for the system. So, my question: Where can I get dev tools that can still ...
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Trying to find the name of a really old UI design book by Apple

This morning, I was reading a news article on Apple (either Snow Leopard or FCC), and I came across a part that referred to an old book by Apple (IIRC), that had two parts, and the first part was just ...
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