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Send-Mailmessage powershell adds line breaks

Got a really strange problem. In my PowerShell script I use the Send-Mailmessage function; Send-MailMessage -To $($Row.SubjectID) -From '' -Subject $($Row.SubjectType) -Body $($Row....
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How to extract a link from a confirmation email in Mailslurp using cypress?

I was trying to extract a link to proceed with user registration using Cypress and Mailslurp. For that, I wrote the following code: let inboxId; let emailAddress; describe('sign up', () => { ...
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Create automation test in cypress that will register user with different emails and accept registration message on user email

Until now I was using MailSlurp for this task but it has limits when using the basic plan. Is there any other way that would solve the problem? Test Case Steps: Register user with random email Go to ...
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Add custom text to email body automatically when user clicks Reply button

I am parsing incoming emails to my domain using Mailslurp API and I want to get only the email body without the email signature. I struggled a lot finding out how to recognize signature from the email ...
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