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MaxDB is a RDBMS (Relational DataBase Management System) from SAP AG targeted for large SAP environments.

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SapMaxDB Connectivity

I found a docker container for SapMaxDB database: docker run --name=sapmaxdb -p 7200:7200 -p 7210:7210 -d maxshahrokni/maxdb Which are the username, password and database to connect to this container?...
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MaxDB SAP SQL Missing keyword WITH on update

Hi there I'm using MaxDB and trying to update a table and I get the error Missing keyword:WITH. Code: -5015. Here is my SQL: UPDATE agm SET agm_confirm_stat = 'C', agm_confirm_usr = 'MEDICWARE', ...
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Configure hibernate to process like with [] (square brackets) against maxDB and sql-server in the same way

I have the following jpql with a LIKE SELECT someField FROM someEntity WHERE otherField LIKE '%foo[bar]' I want to retrieve all rows ending with 'foo[bar]'. For maxDb this is OK. But for sql-server ...
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DataGrip ER-diagram does not show edges for relationships

I am using a commercial SAP MaxDB database with a custom .jar-file as a driver for the database. I am also not able to change the database keys as I only have read-only privileges. I am having trouble ...
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MaxDB - User does not access tables

I have created a new user in a MaxDb database. I assign a role that has access to all the tables in roleprivileges but the user can not see these tables. The user can access the tables if I assign ...
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DB2 equivalent for CREATE FORCE VIEW

I am in process of migration MaxDB database to DB2. I need to recreate all views, but their definitions contain references to other views and have the same create date and time, so I'm unable to ...
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how to select LOB data

I have MaxDB and Java. I try to select data from table with this request: sql_execute SELECT * FROM SAPPOPDB.T_CHUNK where T_CHUNK.CHUNK_DATA < '10000' but got this response: -24988,ERR_SQL: SQL ...
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Jboss 4.0.2 Transaction marked for rollback, possibly a timeout

I encountered with inconsistent transaction rollback exception in my system. It is run on JBoss v 4.0.2 with MaxDB v.7.8. The MDB process the message and call some method which updates entity bean ...
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calling MaxDB stored procedure with JPA/JPQL/StoredProcedureQuery

I get an "Invalid SQL statement" Exception while I try to invoke an MaxDB DBPROC (stored procedure) with a StoredProcedureQuery (JPA/JPQL). Its that not the correct way to do this? Java Environment: ...
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Select columns by min value - group by

When I read this post: SQL: Group by minimum value in one field while selecting distinct rows the following solution did not make sense to me and I wonder how it can possibly work: SELECT id, min(...
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SQL Query max id max date max time (sap maxdb 7.8)

i have a hard time figuring out this one which is around a date/time problem. My Table (Service) got the following structure: ShopID | ServiceID | Datestart | Timeend | StatusID 1 | ...
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How to migrate database from SAP DB to PostGres?

Any idea how to go about doing that through a tool(preferred). Any alternate ways to do that.
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How to restore MaxDB instance when no backup medium is available?

I have a question about moving MaxDB databse instance from a broken server, when the files of that server have been restored, to a newly installed server? The question I asked is here:
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Connecting to SAPDB using ODBC

I'd like to access a SAPDB database using ODBC so I've installed the latest ODBC driver from I'm trying to create a connection using the following connection string: DRIVER={...
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Large result sets with Hibernate and MaxDB

I need to synchronize a large XML file (containing 6 million records sorted by ID) against a SAP MaxDB database table. This is my present strategy: read XML object from file and convert to Java bean ...
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PHP PDO Params - Empty strings in $data array cause query to fail

I have a PDO issue with PHP 5.3. I am running MaxDB 7.8 for my database - if you haven't heard of that, you're not alone. It's an open-source enterprise database that is connected with MySQL on ...
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How to connect Maxdb to SQL or Oracle Database?

Presently I'm using Maxdb on SAP. I would like to migrated to SQL or Oracle. How can I do that?
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MaxDB Data and Schema Export to SQL Server 2005/8

I am tasked with exporting the data contained inside a MaxDB database to SQL Server 200x. I was wondering if anyone has gone through this before and what your process was. Here is my idea but its ...
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