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MCAP (pronounced “em-cap”) is a modular container file format for heterogeneous timestamped data. It is ideal for robotics applications, as it can record multiple streams of structured and unstructured data (e.g. ROS, Protobuf, JSON Schema, etc.) in a single file.

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Can Video Files Be Stored in MCAP Format?

Hello Stack Overflow Community, I am currently exploring MCAP files for a project and am exploring the capabilities of this format. I'm particularly interested in understanding whether it's possible ...
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How to receive protobuf messages sent by the Foxglove server and then save them as MCAP?

I have customized some protobufs, processed them on the server using C++, and published them through the localhost port using the Foxglove server. I hope to save these messages as mcap files for ...
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Using MCAP for URDFs

I'm having trouble with the transportability of my URDF files. Specifically I'm unable to get them to load in Foxglove Studio. Is it possible to add a URDF as an attachment in an MCAP file so that it'...
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