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Use this tag for questions about Memurai, a native Windows port of Redis.

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How to start Memurai Redis cluster

I am trying to set up a simple Redis cluster on my local machine using Memurai. The documentation is a bit sparse on how to start a cluster. Right now I'm following this tutorial. https://www.memurai....
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#memurai - What are the AV exclusions

I have a install of memurai however feel my AV impacting it, I can find the redis list but noting for memurai. the impact seem that we lose connection to the cashed db found the Redis settings but ...
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Starting Memurai Server on windows 10

C:\Program Files\Memurai>memurai-server 'memurai-server' is not recognized as an internal or external command, I tried restarting my memurai server after running the shutdown command to shutdown ...
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Memurai service doesn't start

When I try to install Memurai, it tells me that I don't have the permission to start its service, Note that I'm Adminstartor user And whn I try to start Memurai service manually, it give my this ...
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Memurai RediSearch `FT.CREATE` unknown command

Using Memurai 3.1.4: >memurai-cli --version memurai-cli 3.1.4 which is the latest version as of now, and uses Redis 6.2. Using Memurai because I'm on Windows. HOPING that Memurai comes out with ...
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Memurai not working with Django app in development with SSL

I'm building the Django app chat using Memurai. The app is in the development process, but I'm facing an issue. The issue is when I attach the SSL on development my chat not working. How can I ...
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Memurai hangs while processing

I am using Memurai 2.0.2 for cache in my distributed application. It runs different services on different machines and all services have Memurai details with them. The problem that happens is, that ...
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Is there a free (non-trial) version of Memurai available?

I'm just evaluating databases for one of our products and found RedisDb. Unfortunately this does not seem to be supported for windows and the current best option seems to be Memurai. On their webpage ...
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Memurai Developer Sentinel as service won't register

Has anyone had success in getting Memurai to run as a service as a Sentinel? Following the instructions from their site, memurai.exe --service-install --service-name "memurai-sentinel" --sentinel ...
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Memurai Developer Setup Wizard ended prematurely

I'm trying to install Redis through MEMURAI but when I run the setup I get the following error: I've Windows 10 - BUILD: 1909 The latest .NET version, how can I fix this?
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How do I test run Memurai on Windows

I have installed Memurai on my Windows 10 64-bit system. Memurai is a Redis-compatible in-memory cache and persistent datastore running on Windows. I followed the steps given in Installation steps. ...
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