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Error 1146 - Table 'dbname.tablename' doesn't exist

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xampp - python 3.7 - mysql error 1146 table not found

File: import sys import time import importlib create_database = importlib.import_module("create-database") from settings import * create_database.import_tables_structure() time....
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I get error 1146 when I try to access some tables on my live database

Two tables on my database are visible on the sidebar but produce the error message ‘#1146- Table ‘prefix_dbname.tablename’ does not exist’ when I try to open it. The pages on my website that display ...
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Error on MYSQL Workbench trying to import a dump folder of existing tables in a new database

In my short developer live i have managed my MySQL with Workbench , cause is what really vialize my process on developing without being an expertise on Database managament. In this last project im ...
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"use db_name" fails with error #1046 on MySQL, message = "no database selected"

I haven't used MySQL for a while, so forgive me if this is a silly issue with a simple solution. I have checked similar questions on the site, and in the majority of cases, the asker simply forgot to ...
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cant run my sql code, and error code is 1146

error code 1146 MySQL bench SELECT email_address, count(orders.order_id) AS NUMBER_OF_ORDERS, sum((item_price-discount_amount)*Quantity) AS Total_ORDER FROM customers JOIN orders ON ...
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table does not exist after succesfull creation

I used MySQL through command line in order to create a database named javafxsample. The code is as folls: create database javafxsample; use javafxsample; create table if not exists user( id int(...
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Laravel database sql

I have a SQL problem. I do not understand where I'm wrong. I've created a group of similar files and that works. In this group it tells me that label_winner does not exist. But I have generated a ...
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Error: 'demo.table_name' doesn't exist

I am trying to create a procedure in MySql as following delimiter // create procedure search11(in table_name char(10)) begin select * from table_name; end; // But when I am calling it as CALL ...
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MySQL error code 1146 in MySQL Workbench action output

I have just started learning SQL. When I wrote this code create database tutorial_1; use tutorial_1; create table tutorial ( id int primary key, name varchar(40), duration decimal(4,2), date date ); ...
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ProgrammingError Django 1.7 (1146 error, marketing slider does not exist)

I have now managed to get an ecommerce page working fine on local host, however, when I am trying to get it working on webfaction I get the admin page working and the static files working for the .com/...
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Table doesn't exist in nested query with aggregations

My database name is test, I have a table named HaveGoal. I am querying this: SELECT FROM (SELECT H.number, H.teamname, SUM(H.numberofgoals) AS total FROM HaveGoal H GROUP BY H.number,H....
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Select in 2 databases with Kohana PHP

How to JOIN tables in different databases in Kohana? $tb_new = 'db_zaboo_feed.feed_' . $feed; $ids = DB::query(Database::SELECT, "SELECT d.fuid_id, d.user_id ...
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MySQL/php: I created database and tables, when I try an INSERT I have #1146

I'm writing an installation script in php, this script has to ask the user some data and then store them in a XML file and on a database. Here is the procedure: 1) Insert data; 2) Save ...
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php myadmin 3.5.7 #1146 Table doesn't exist

i've build a code sql code on localhost, (using XAMPP, phpmyadmin 4.1.6) and it works perfectly. but when I uploaded everything on server that uses phpmyadmin 3.5.7, the code didn't work. I am pretty ...
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Error 1146: table '#__content' doesn't exist' in mysql Phpmyadmin

Was developing a website using joomla 3, php 5.4.16, mysql 5.6.12. Because i have mysql community edition installed, they share port 3306, so everytime i switch, i have to stop one service and start ...
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PDO give Mysql Error 1146

$deleteID = $_POST['oz']; if(!$deleteID){ echo '2'; die; } else { //It should be working. } $checkVar = $pdo->prepare("SELECT * FROM `user_posts` WHERE `...
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What is wrong here? Sql query give me an error 1146 [closed]

I am trying to use all columns for each row from one table (party), and some columns from another (customer). Ok, here is my code public function getParty($data = array()) { $sql = "SELECT ...
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Populating a database in a Laravel migration file

I'm just learning Laravel, and have a working migration file creating a users table. I am trying to populate a user record as part of the migration: public function up() { Schema::create('users', ...
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I dropped general_log table, how do I create it again?

Logging enabled I enabled logging using: SET GLOBAL log_output = 'TABLE'; SET GLOBAL general_log = 'ON'; All executed queries was logging to mysql.general_log table. It is fine. Attempt to clear the ...
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Doctrine 2 ManyToOne mapping annotations

TwitterTweets entity: /** * MyBundle\CoreBundle\Entity\TwitterTweets * * @ORM\Table(name="twitter_tweets") * @ORM\Entity */ class TwitterTweets { /** * @var TwitterUsers * * @...
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reference to temporary relation from qualification list

Consider an SQL query like this SELECT Temp.rating, Temp.avgage FROM (SELECT S.rating, AVG (S.age) AS avgage FROM Sailors S GROUP BY S.rating) AS Temp WHERE Temp.avgage = (SELECT MIN (Temp.avgage) ...
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Table doesn't exist after CREATE TABLE

I'm trying to import this sql in my database name symfony CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS ingredient ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `name` varchar(255) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) ENGINE=...
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Using a variable as a column name in a stored procedure?

Here I wrote a mysql procedure which select all text type field of specified database 'wp' and I want to update every text type field row appending extra string via CONCAT function. after I call ...
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SQL SHOW TABLES lists a bunch of tables, but can't SELECT with them (No such table)

I have a database called apsc and if I run SHOW TABLES; on it, these are the results: mysql> show tables; +------------------------------------+ | Tables_in_apsc | +------------...
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trying to drop database but says database dosnt exists even thought I can use it

Got this weird error happening I am trying to clean up my databases that I am not using. however when I try to drop mysql it says database dosnt exists, however I can use it!! weird or what?! any way ...
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Creating tables in MySQL

I created a table license_serial in my "database_name". But when I tried creating a second table named license, it says that it already exists. Why is that ? My database contains only a license_serial....
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Error or php + mysql code is appeared to the user. What info can be extracted and how to prevent this?

I am using an eclass platform on Xampp. When you go directly to a file like and not follow the through-the-site navigation you get this. What info can be extracted ...
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Bug? #1146 - Table 'xxx.xxxxx' doesn't exist

I am using windows XP. I am creating a table in phpMyAdmin using its built-in create table feature, my database name is ddd. It generates the following code: CREATE TABLE `ddd`.`mwrevision` ( `...
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Magento - Base Table core_file_storage Doesn't exist

When I look in the error log for my Magento store it is full of these errors: [02-Jun-2011 13:49:12] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or ...
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Libmysqld Crashes On Start

I tried to create a very simple application using the MySQL embedded server. I basically took the simple example from the MySQL documentation and modified it a bit. #include <stdio.h> #include &...
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InnoDB tables exist in MySQL but says they do not exist after copying database to new server

I used mysqldump to export my database and then I imported it into MySQL on my other server. I can now see all my tables if I do "show tables" but I can't actually select from or describe any of them. ...
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Error replicating database due to cross-db reference - table doesn't exist

We have mysql v5.0.77 running on a server collecting some measurement data. On the mysql server, we have the following databases: raw_data_db config_tables_db processed_data_db We ONLY want to ...
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why mysql query is failing

mysql> select name,family from member as d where mov in(select from d); . ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table 'film.d' doesn't exist
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Implementing Class Table Inheritance(CTI) across multiple database tables in Doctrine 2

Need some help please? I have 2 classes, a Parent class, say Person and a Child say Employee using Doctrine 2's class table inheritance mapping strategy. The classes' corresponding tables exist in ...
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How to load mysql database from data folder?

I created a joomla website and started preparing to export it to the remote host - mainly working on the remote server to fix the directory tree. However, when I prepared to export the database with ...
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mysql proxy r/w replication and temporary tables

I am doing master/slave replication on MySQL5.1 and r/w split with mysql proxy 0.8.x It works fine except with temporary tables. MySQL throws an error, that the temporary table is not existent. This ...
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SQL - AS - table doesn't exist - 1146

My query is: SELECT FROM (SELECT postid, date FROM swapping AS s, post AS p WHERE s.mid='2' AND p.postid=s.postid) AS temp WHERE = (SELECT MAX(date) FROM temp) I receive #1146 ...
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restoring a MySQL database

I have created a file named ab.sql using the mysqldump utility of a database named library. It worked fine. Now i am trying to restore it using mysqlimport. My database already exists. But i want to ...
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extending PDO class: why does the method return 0 instead of error message?

Following up on the post here, it seems that I have managed to extend the pdo class, class database_extended extends PDO { #make a connection public function __construct($dsn,$username,$...
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changing django default model settings

I'm just starting with the django creating your own app tutorial (creating a Poll) I'm deviating slightly as I'm wanting to create an app using my own database model that already exists. And in the ...
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Renamed MySQL table not renamed for INSERT queries?

After renaming one of my MySQL 5.1 MyISAM tables from test_tablename to tablename, I have found that if I try to execute an INSERT (or REPLACE) query, I get the following message: INSERT INTO ...
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Errorcode in MySQL procedure

We have been facing a small problem in MySQL procedure. We have placed some exception handlers inside the procedure. But we want to retrieve the errorcode of any error that can occur inside a ...
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MySQL Table does not exist error, but it does exist

Does anyone know under what conditions you can receive an 1146: Table '<database>.<table>' doesn't exist error when your table does, in fact, exist? I use the same code on 5 servers, only ...
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MySQL Call Stored procedure from another stored procedure

Sorry for long POST: Is it possible that I can call a Stored Procedures from another Stored procedure in MySQL. For example: I have two tables (test and testcomp): With the structures below: -- ...
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CodeIgniter and Doctrine: Base table or view not found

I'm following the documentation almost word for word, except for two adjustments which I believe are corrections. First adjustment: I eliminate the redundant DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR in system/application/...
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MySQL Pass table name to cursor select

I want the procedure to take parameter answertable and partid in the select statement, but when i call it it doesn't replace the parameter answertable with the value the call call updateTotalScores('...
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Trying to generate tables from Doctrine models and getting MySQL errors

Doctrine_Core::createTablesFromModels() is failing with the following error: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Doctrine_Connection_Mysql_Exception' with message 'SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view ...
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PDO refuses to switch between multiple Databases!

Please I am very new to PDO, rather a novice at PHP as well. I am currently working on a project that involves connections to many databases: MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle. So I am using the class below, ...
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Multi-tenancy - Create tables up-front or as needed?

I'm currently working on a SaaS type application, and for multi-tenancy I've settled on one database per user, with each database containing all tables required by the functionality the user is ...
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Catching errors from server side

I am getting json data from my server to show them as a table. $('#queryFrom').ajaxForm({ dataType: 'json', ...
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