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NixOps is a tool for deploying sets of NixOS Linux machines, either to real hardware or to virtual machines

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What is the common way to install utility programs like file and ripgrep in NixOS

I want these programs to be installed in my user environment while not using nix-shell and nix-env (I was told to not use nix-env). I tried to use home-manager but I can't do program.file/ripgrep bc ...
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Override a service definition in Nix?

I'm writing a deployment definition in NixOps. As part of that definition, I need to modify an existing service definition that's provided by <nixpkgs>. I can't configure the service to do what ...
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NixOps: How to deploy to an existing NixOS VM?

I have almost the same problem as in this question, but it was never answered: nixops: how to use local ssh key when deploying on machine with existing nixos (targetEnv is none)? I'm not using ...
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Deploing a single bash script with nixops

I'm just starting to learn nix / nixos / nixops. I needed to install a simple bash script to remote host with nixops. And I can not realize how to do it. I have two files: just-deploy-bash-script.nix ...
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Is it possible (or advisable) to use NixOps to install NixOS to a USB flash drive?

I'd like to install NixOS to a flash drive, and have the operating system run entirely on the flash drive. Is it possible to install to a flash drive using NixOps? Or would I even need to? That is, ...
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nixops: how to use local ssh key when deploying on machine with existing nixos (targetEnv is none)?

I have machine with nixos (provisioned using terraform, config), I want to connect to it using deployment.targetHost = ipAddress and deployment.targetEnv = "none" But I can't configure nixops to use /...
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Passing secrets to NixOps logical network specification

I am deploying a web application to AWS with NixOps. The application requires some environment variables to be set. I can achieve this with something similar to the following: { network.description ...
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Deploying static files with NixOps

I've got a program which depends on the static and config directories being available on the server along with the binary. The default build phases for NixOps doesn't include these files, as far as I ...
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Propagate nixpkgs checkout to NixOps machines

I'm maintaining my personal changes on nixpkgs, which I use both for system rebuilds (via NixOps) and for development on my workstation (mostly via nix-shell). The changes are commits rebased ontop of ...
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How to import nixos config and merge it with nixops deployment expression

I'm in the process of learning how to use Nix/NixOs/NixOps, and I'm having trouble refactoring a simple NixOps deployment. My starting point is this working vbox-all.nix file : { server = ...
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NixOps - Configure Nginx proxy pass with Python Flask

I am new to Nix and trying to implement a service which passes Python Flask web services though Nginx proxy_pass. This is what I have tried so far. with import <nixpkgs> {}; let ...
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login shell without password on nixos/nixops

what i want i'm using nixops to deploy to VirtualBox and libvirtd (KVM) and on both environments i would like it if the shell did not have a login with username/password bust instead would already ...
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When and how should default.nix, shell.nix and release.nix be used?

One of the first types of Nix expression one encounters when learning how to use the Nix package manager is default.nix; on the wonderful NixOS IRC channel I learned of the existence of shell.nix and ...
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nixos-option for NixOps deployed machine?

There is a command nixos-option which examines given system's option value. Under the hood it does something like: $ nix-instantiate --eval -E ' let nixos = import <nixpkgs/nixos> { }; ...
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Deploying Scala to NixOps

I'm trying to deploy a VirtualBox with a Play 2 webservice in Scala under NixOS with NixOps. I have this machine : { backoffice = { deployment.targetEnv = "virtualbox"; deployment....
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When will Travis-ci will support NixOS/NixOps?

Currently travis supports linux (ubuntu?) and mac. I'm currently exploring nix. I think it's a powerful way to declare the global state of your system. It's available at various level: nix: package ...
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