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Installation failure Capture-website-cli 3-0-1 and nodejs 14

Restart: in my Question I have shortend a long story. This may cause why it was ignored....
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Cannot import package in AWS lambda with Nodejs14.x ES module

I have a layer where the path of node_modules is nodejs/node14/node_modules. Using that layer, and I try to import a package in a Lambda function, say 'aws-cloudfront-sign', like this: import cfsign ...
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Object.writeFileSync - Received type number

I have old monolith app written in NodeJS. It requires lots of node_modules. Application is exiting, because of unhandled exception which is happening in some of the modules. You have triggered an ...
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Locally run Lambda would not log all outputs

I have the following Lambda. const AWS = require('aws-sdk'); exports.lambdaHandler = async (event, context) => { console.log("START v5"); const SNSarn = process.env.SNS; ...
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