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Oberon is a programming language created by Niklaus Wirth and his associates at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. It was developed as part of the implementation of the Oberon operating system. The language was extended to Oberon-2 with the collaboration of Hanspeter Mossenbock (now at the University of Linz).

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Is there an Oberon-2 compiler for Windows that supports the XYplane module?

I'm currently using Oxford Oberon-2 compiler but it doesn't seem to support the XYplane module, which makes it kind of difficult to follow the examples from Wirth's book about the language.
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Can't start a server in BlackBox

I'm trying to start a server in BlackBox and so far I have just this MODULE server; IMPORT Dialog,Strings,Win:=WinApi, Server:=CommObxStreamsServer, Stream:=CommStreams; BEGIN ...
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Can´t undertand 10th line instruction after inner FOR loop

I've been studying "Algorithms and Data Structures" by N.Wirth. He codes his algorithms in a language he created: Oberon. I finished the book but I have one doubt about this algorithim of page 19 ...
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Why are module and procedure names repeated after the body?

In Modula-2 and Oberon each module and procedure declaration must end with the name of the module or procedure. It is not needed in Pascal. I have never really understood the motivation for this. Can ...
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Type equivalence in Pascal-like languages

The Oberon-2 language report "The Programming Language Oberon–2" has the following definition in appendix A: Two variables a and b with types Ta and Tb are of the same type if Ta and Tb are ...
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Where i can find Oberon modules for Ubuntu 16.04?

I read Niklaus Wirth book and want try examples from this book. And i try run simple Oberon hello world: But get ...
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Oberon: How to resolve contradiction in Wirth's PIO re type guard

I am trying to figure out whether Oberon allows addressing of a field in a record that is not present in said record's type declaration, but only in one of its extensions and do so without a type ...
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Trying to resolve left-recursion trying to build Parser with ANTLR

I’m currently trying to build a parser for the language Oberon using Antlr and Ecplise. This is what I have got so far: grammar oberon; options { language = Java; //backtrack = true; ...
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Cannot run Oberon program in xds

I am trying to run Hello World program in Oberon in XDS compiler. I can compile the hello.ob2 file, I can make hello.ob2, however when I press run it says that there is no hello.exe file. I found ...
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How does Oberon's object oriented model differ from standard OOP? [closed]

I've been reading Wirth's books on Oberon--or at least trying to--and I'm hitting a mental road block when it comes to figuring out what is going on regarding object oriented programming in Oberon. I ...
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Status of Oberon readiness for application programming

I am getting interested in the Oberon language and I would like to know: is the language actually used by common programmers or is it still only used by researchers? Is it production-ready? What I ...
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"odd" expression in PL/0

Given the following EBNF grammar (found on wikipedia for PL/0), what is an expression preceded by the "ODD" keyword? I would like to implement the simple language as a small project but I can not ...
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How is inheritance implemented in Ada and does it have built in GUI?

Does Ada come with built-in GUI, and does it have the same unique approach to inheritance as does Oberon?
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Access QNX Filesystem in Windows [closed]

I have a QNX partition in a CF card, running on a SBC. How do I access the filesystem in Windows, using something like an Explorer interface? The filesystem is in QNX Oberon. I've also had QNX ...
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compile OpenBUGS 64-bit

I need to compile OpenBUGS on a 64-bit machine but its repository ( consists of a bunch of .ocf files. Where can I find a compiler that works on Linux ...
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