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One-to-one relationship: unidirectional

Here is a JDL file: entity Parent { name String required } entity Child { name String required } relationship OneToOne { Parent{child} to Child } The one-to-one relationship is ...
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Foreign key on primary key on delete SQL

Premise: I'm new to the databases world and trying to slowly understand it. I have this database of a generic company, with two tables: CREATE TABLE MEMBER ( Card numeric PRIMARY KEY, Name ...
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In NestJS and TypeORM, how do I define a relation that sets relation column to NULL instead of attempting to delete the entity?

I'm using NestJS 10, PostGres 14, and TypeORM 0.3.17. If I have defined an Order entity with a relation with a User entity ... @Entity() export class Order { @PrimaryGeneratedColumn('uuid') id: ...
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I want to delete the child struct when deleting the parent, trying OnDelete Constraint not working in Gorm

I have the following structs: type Report struct { ID uuid.UUID CreatedAt time.Time UpdatedAt time.Time Date time.Time Rows []Row `gorm:"constraint:OnDelete:CASCADE;"` } type Row ...
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django on_delete = DO_NOTHING

I am developing an app where I need some of the data to be protected even when some models are deleted. I've been reading on the on_delete options, and seems to be a lot of warnings against using ...
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Why is EF Core not using ON DELETE SET NULL when applying a migration?

I am using Entity Framework Core 6.0 and SQL Server. I am trying to update a relational database to reflect this diagram: ER Diagram where a single red line over a relationship represents ON DELETE ...
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PYTHON PEEWEE on_delete='CASCADE' doesn't work

I have a table and it have a ForeignKeyField referencing another table. ON DELETE functionality is supported by initializing ForeignKeyField with an on_delete argument. Though it's not very clear what ...
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SwiftUI ForEach.onDelete properly animates but then resets

Trying to figure out why my ForEach loop isn’t updating. I have the model marked as ObservedObject and have done everything I could to make sure the updates were happening. I even saw that the model ...
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How can we set a trigger for NO ACTION foreign key?

I was looking for a way to set a trigger for my table that acts like cascade. CREATE TABLE Class( Class_ID BIGINT, c_InstrumentID BIGINT NOT NULL, c_StudentID BIGINT, c_InstructorID BIGINT NOT NULL, ...
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PROTECT vs RESTRICT for on_delete (Django)

I read the django documentation about PROTECT and RESTRICT to use with "on_delete". PROTECT Prevent deletion of the referenced object by raising ProtectedError, a subclass of django.db....
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