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Use this tag for questions regarding the R Structural equation modelling package OpenMx.

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error in finding an already defined reference - openmx

I am a student trying to use R for the first time, and I have no idea how to fix my current code - the same error message keeps showing. All the codes before "fit <- mxRun(model)" work ...
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What does "Error in if (target < min(modVar)) { : the condition has length > 1" mean in a LOSEM analysis using OpenMX under R?

I want to conduct a LOSEM twin analysis using OpenMX under R. (It's used in behavioral genetics and twin studies to investigate the genetic and environmental influences on traits and behaviors). My ...
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semPlot won't install in R/Rstudio on MacOS 11.4 because OpenMx won't install & it's a dependency

I'm running R 3.6.1 in an Anaconda environment (it won't let me upgrade to v4) and trying to install semPlot to accompany lavaan which installed fine. Here are the packages I've installed: library(...
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compile linux program (OpenMX) for windows with MinGw platform and libraries such as MPICH,fftw lapack and BLAS?

The openMX code ( is a software package for nano-scale material simulations based on density functional theories. it has a make file which contains C and ...
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Converting a vector to full matrix in OpenMx

I computed the vectorized form of an implied variance-covariance matrix using mxAlgebra in OpenMx. Now, I need to reconstruct this to a matrix in order to run the model. OpenMx has the function ...
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Installing OpenMx package in R on Ubuntu 18.04LTS

I get the following error when trying to install (install.packages("OpenMx")) OpenMx in R on Ubuntu 18.04. I am not familiar with compiling C code, so I ask that you "dumb it down" for me a bit. ...
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cannot install package OpenMx in R

I'm running R version 3.5 on a mac. When I try to install OpenMx by install.packages("OpenMx") it eventually fails after a bunch of warning messages. At first the warning message was xcrun: error: ...
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How do I update scripts from OpenMx 1 to OpenMx 2?

I have an example OpenMx script written a few years ago to do twin modelling. It was written for OpenMx version 1.0 (script linked here ) When I run it, there are some warnings about updating fit ...
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Intruments Call Tree broken mix of R, C++ and Fortran

I am trying to profile a function of OpenMx, an R package containing C++ and Fortran code, for CPU time. My operating system is OS X 10.10. I have read the section regarding this topic in the R manual....
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In OpenMx 2, what does Error: no slot of name "objective" for this object of class "MxRAMModel" mean?

In OpenMx 1, we could access the objective with model@objective In OpenMx 2, this slot is missing (as the objective now distinguishes explicitly between the expectation and the fit function). So, I ...
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Time Invariant Predictor of Slope and Intercept in Latent Growth Curve Model in OpenMx

I'm trying to figure out how to properly add a predictor of the slope and intercept in a latent growth curve model in the OpenMx package for R. I would like to predict the slope and intercept from, ...
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