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Pandas is a Python library for data manipulation and analysis, e.g. dataframes, multidimensional time series and cross-sectional datasets commonly found in statistics, experimental science results, econometrics, or finance. Pandas is one of the main data science libraries in Python.

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How to iterate over rows in a DataFrame in Pandas

I have a pandas dataframe, df: c1 c2 0 10 100 1 11 110 2 12 120 How do I iterate over the rows of this dataframe? For every row, I want to access its elements (values in cells) by the name ...
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How do I select rows from a DataFrame based on column values?

How can I select rows from a DataFrame based on values in some column in Pandas? In SQL, I would use: SELECT * FROM table WHERE column_name = some_value
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How do I change the size of figures drawn with Matplotlib?

How do I change the size of figure drawn with Matplotlib?
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Renaming column names in Pandas

I want to change the column labels of a Pandas DataFrame from ['$a', '$b', '$c', '$d', '$e'] to ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e']
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Delete a column from a Pandas DataFrame

To delete a column in a DataFrame, I can successfully use: del df['column_name'] But why can't I use the following? del df.column_name Since it is possible to access the Series via df.column_name, I ...
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How do I get the row count of a Pandas DataFrame?

How do I get the number of rows of a pandas dataframe df?
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Selecting multiple columns in a Pandas dataframe

How do I select columns a and b from df, and save them into a new dataframe df1? index a b c 1 2 3 4 2 3 4 5 Unsuccessful attempt: df1 = df['a':'b'] df1 = df.ix[:, 'a':'b']
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How to change the order of DataFrame columns?

I have the following DataFrame (df): import numpy as np import pandas as pd df = pd.DataFrame(np.random.rand(10, 5)) I add more column(s) by assignment: df['mean'] = df.mean(1) How can I move the ...
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Change column type in pandas

I created a DataFrame from a list of lists: table = [ ['a', '1.2', '4.2' ], ['b', '70', '0.03'], ['x', '5', '0' ], ] df = pd.DataFrame(table) How do I convert the columns to ...
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How to drop rows of Pandas DataFrame whose value in a certain column is NaN

I have this DataFrame and want only the records whose EPS column is not NaN: STK_ID EPS cash STK_ID RPT_Date 601166 20111231 601166 NaN NaN 600036 20111231 ...
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How to deal with SettingWithCopyWarning in Pandas

Background I just upgraded my Pandas from 0.11 to 0.13.0rc1. Now, the application is popping out many new warnings. One of them like this: E:\FinReporter\ SettingWithCopyWarning: A value ...
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32 answers

Create a Pandas Dataframe by appending one row at a time [duplicate]

How do I create an empty DataFrame, then add rows, one by one? I created an empty DataFrame: df = pd.DataFrame(columns=('lib', 'qty1', 'qty2')) Then I can add a new row at the end and fill a single ...
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Get a list from Pandas DataFrame column headers

I want to get a list of the column headers from a Pandas DataFrame. The DataFrame will come from user input, so I won't know how many columns there will be or what they will be called. For example, ...
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How to add a new column to an existing DataFrame

I have the following indexed DataFrame with named columns and rows not- continuous numbers: a b c d 2 0.671399 0.101208 -0.181532 0.241273 3 0.446172 -0.243316 0....
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Use a list of values to select rows from a Pandas dataframe

Let’s say I have the following Pandas dataframe: df = DataFrame({'A' : [5,6,3,4], 'B' : [1,2,3, 5]}) df A B 0 5 1 1 6 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 I can subset based on a specific value: ...
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"Large data" workflows using pandas [closed]

I have tried to puzzle out an answer to this question for many months while learning pandas. I use SAS for my day-to-day work and it is great for it's out-of-core support. However, SAS is horrible ...
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Pretty-print an entire Pandas Series / DataFrame

I work with Series and DataFrames on the terminal a lot. The default __repr__ for a Series returns a reduced sample, with some head and tail values, but the rest missing. Is there a builtin way to ...
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Convert list of dictionaries to a pandas DataFrame

How can I convert a list of dictionaries into a DataFrame? I want to turn [{'points': 50, 'time': '5:00', 'year': 2010}, {'points': 25, 'time': '6:00', 'month': "february"}, {'points':90,...
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Writing a pandas DataFrame to CSV file

I have a dataframe in pandas which I would like to write to a CSV file. I am doing this using: df.to_csv('out.csv') And getting the following error: UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode ...
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Deleting DataFrame row in Pandas based on column value

I have the following DataFrame: daysago line_race rating rw wrating line_date 2007-03-31 62 11 56 1.000000 ...
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22 answers

How do I expand the output display to see more columns of a Pandas DataFrame?

Is there a way to widen the display of output in either interactive or script-execution mode? Specifically, I am using the describe() function on a Pandas DataFrame. When the DataFrame is five ...
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Combine two columns of text in pandas dataframe

I have a 20 x 4000 dataframe in Python using pandas. Two of these columns are named Year and quarter. I'd like to create a variable called period that makes Year = 2000 and quarter= q2 into 2000q2. ...
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How are iloc and loc different?

Can someone explain how these two methods of slicing are different? I've seen the docs and I've seen previous similar questions (1, 2), but I still find myself unable to understand how they are ...
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Pandas Merging 101

How can I perform a (INNER| (LEFT|RIGHT|FULL) OUTER) JOIN with pandas? How do I add NaNs for missing rows after a merge? How do I get rid of NaNs after merging? Can I merge on the index? How do I ...
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Filter pandas DataFrame by substring criteria

I have a pandas DataFrame with a column of string values. I need to select rows based on partial string matches. Something like this idiom:, cell_in_question) returning a boolean. ...
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Creating an empty Pandas DataFrame, and then filling it

I'm starting from the pandas DataFrame documentation here: Introduction to data structures I'd like to iteratively fill the DataFrame with values in a time series kind of calculation. I'd like to ...
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Truth value of a Series is ambiguous. Use a.empty, a.bool(), a.item(), a.any() or a.all()

I want to filter my dataframe with an or condition to keep rows with a particular column's values that are outside the range [-0.25, 0.25]. I tried: df = df[(df['col'] < -0.25) or (df['col'] > 0....
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How to filter Pandas dataframe using 'in' and 'not in' like in SQL

How can I achieve the equivalents of SQL's IN and NOT IN? I have a list with the required values. Here's the scenario: df = pd.DataFrame({'country': ['US', 'UK', 'Germany', 'China']}) ...
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Shuffle DataFrame rows

I have the following DataFrame: Col1 Col2 Col3 Type 0 1 2 3 1 1 4 5 6 1 ... 20 7 8 9 2 21 10 11 12 2 ... 45 13 14 15 ...
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How to convert index of a pandas dataframe into a column

How to convert an index of a dataframe into a column? For example: gi ptt_loc 0 384444683 593 1 384444684 594 2 384444686 596 to index1 gi ptt_loc ...
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Constructing pandas DataFrame from values in variables gives "ValueError: If using all scalar values, you must pass an index"

I have two variables as follows. a = 2 b = 3 I want to construct a DataFrame from this: df2 = pd.DataFrame({'A':a, 'B':b}) This generates an error: ValueError: If using all scalar values, you must ...
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Get statistics for each group (such as count, mean, etc) using pandas GroupBy?

I have a dataframe df and I use several columns from it to groupby: df['col1','col2','col3','col4'].groupby(['col1','col2']).mean() In the above way, I almost get the table (dataframe) that I need. ...
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32 answers

How do I count the NaN values in a column in pandas DataFrame?

I want to find the number of NaN in each column of my data.
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25 answers

Set value for particular cell in pandas DataFrame using index

I have created a Pandas DataFrame df = DataFrame(index=['A','B','C'], columns=['x','y']) Now, I would like to assign a value to particular cell, for example to row C and column x. In other words, I ...
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Import multiple CSV files into pandas and concatenate into one DataFrame

I would like to read several CSV files from a directory into pandas and concatenate them into one big DataFrame. I have not been able to figure it out though. Here is what I have so far: import glob ...
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16 answers

How to apply a function to two columns of Pandas dataframe

Suppose I have a function and a dataframe defined as below: def get_sublist(sta, end): return mylist[sta:end+1] df = pd.DataFrame({'ID':['1','2','3'], 'col_1': [0,2,3], 'col_2':[1,4,5]}) mylist = ...
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6 answers

How to avoid pandas creating an index in a saved csv

I am trying to save a csv to a folder after making some edits to the file. Every time I use pd.to_csv('C:/Path of file.csv') the csv file has a separate column of indexes. I want to avoid printing ...
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How to check if any value is NaN in a Pandas DataFrame

In Python Pandas, what's the best way to check whether a DataFrame has one (or more) NaN values? I know about the function pd.isnan, but this returns a DataFrame of booleans for each element. This ...
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12 answers

Difference between map, applymap and apply methods in Pandas

Can you tell me when to use these vectorization methods with basic examples? I see that map is a Series method whereas the rest are DataFrame methods. I got confused about apply and applymap methods ...
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How can I get a value from a cell of a dataframe?

I have constructed a condition that extracts exactly one row from my dataframe: d2 = df[(df['l_ext']==l_ext) & (df['item']==item) & (df['wn']==wn) & (df['wd']==1)] Now I would like to ...
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16 answers

Convert pandas dataframe to NumPy array

How do I convert a pandas dataframe into a NumPy array? DataFrame: import numpy as np import pandas as pd index = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7] a = [np.nan, np.nan, np.nan, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1] b = [0.2, np....
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UnicodeDecodeError when reading CSV file in Pandas

I'm running a program which is processing 30,000 similar files. A random number of them are stopping and producing this error... File "C:\Importer\src\dfman\", line 26, in ...
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pandas.parser.CParserError: Error tokenizing data

I'm trying to use pandas to manipulate a .csv file but I get this error: pandas.parser.CParserError: Error tokenizing data. C error: Expected 2 fields in line 3, saw 12 I have tried to read the ...
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Converting a Pandas GroupBy multiindex output from Series back to DataFrame

I have a dataframe: City Name 0 Seattle Alice 1 Seattle Bob 2 Portland Mallory 3 Seattle Mallory 4 Seattle Bob 5 Portland Mallory I perform the following grouping: g1 ...
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How to delete rows from a pandas DataFrame based on a conditional expression [duplicate]

I have a pandas DataFrame and I want to delete rows from it where the length of the string in a particular column is greater than 2. I expect to be able to do this (per this answer): df[(len(df['...
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How do I check if a pandas DataFrame is empty?

How do I check if a pandas DataFrame is empty? I'd like to print some message in the terminal if the DataFrame is empty.
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14 answers

How to sort pandas dataframe by one column

I have a dataframe like this: 0 1 2 0 354.7 April 4.0 1 55.4 August 8.0 2 176.5 December 12.0 3 95.5 February 2.0 4 85.6 January 1.0 5 ...
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How to replace NaN values in a dataframe column

I have a Pandas Dataframe as below: itm Date Amount 67 420 2012-09-30 00:00:00 65211 68 421 2012-09-09 00:00:00 29424 69 421 2012-09-16 00:00:00 29877 70 421 ...
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How can I pivot a dataframe?

What is pivot? How do I pivot? Long format to wide format? I've seen a lot of questions that ask about pivot tables, even if they don't know it. It is virtually impossible to write a canonical ...
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Create new column based on values from other columns / apply a function of multiple columns, row-wise in Pandas

I want to apply my custom function (it uses an if-else ladder) to these six columns (ERI_Hispanic, ERI_AmerInd_AKNatv, ERI_Asian, ERI_Black_Afr.Amer, ERI_HI_PacIsl, ERI_White) in each row of my ...
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