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How to wait for a file being installed to GAC before installing a service with wix

I'm using Wix to create my application installer and using it to install an assembly in the GAC and it works fine. My issue is when I'm setting the assembly property 'copy local=false' and I'm ...
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WiX: Paraffin and repository/build server integration

Short version: How can I make sure that my component GUIDs remain stable using Paraffin on a build server? I am currently working on a project that should be deployed via WiX. As this is a web ...
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Using Paraffin with TFS

I have a solution that has a number of Wix projects that I'd like to use Paraffin for maintaining the list of included files. From what I understand, you'd normally point Paraffin at the various bin ...
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How to include all of a project's output in the installer project?

I need to include all the output from some of the programs projects in the installer... my question is similar to the one in this post: How to add a whole directory or project output to WiX package ...
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Running Paraffin when building a wixproj

I've got a WiX project which pulls in a WiX Fragment with a load of supporting files. I'm using Paraffin to build the wsx file for the fragment. At the moment I manually run a one line batch file to ...
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WIX Paraffin inside Program files directory

I am new to WIX and I am trying to create a component from within the Program Files directory in Windows. In the Command line I cd to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\...
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WiX automatic file inclusion

Is there a way to include files automatically based on directory structure? I do not want to add each and every file name with file Id tab. My build process create the required directory structure: ...
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How to add a whole directory or project output to WiX package

We decided to switch from VS integrated setup to WiX. However, what we currently do is use projects output files as the input for the setup project. This lets us easily add Application Files to a ...
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Including all dependencies

I'm just starting out with WiX as I need to be able to automate building an MSI on our CI server. Is there anyway to automatically include all the dependencies of a project?
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