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This tag is for use with questions for `Pengwin`, the Linux environment for Windows 10. It was built on work by Microsoft Research and the Debian project.

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Issue on activating miniconda on WSL

I work on a dual boot (Windows 10 and Linux) machine. I am attempting to share the Miniconda distribution I used in Linux (Manjaro) with WSL (Pengwin). As I navigated the working directory to the ...
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Correct user configuration for aws-cli container

The AWS CLI v2 documentation presents an option and guide to installing / configuring the cli via docker. The guide is straightforward enough to follow, and the container works fine with the key items ...
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How to add or remove /mnt/c/ in WSL 2 with Pengwin and zsh

I have two Windows machines with WSL 2/Pengwin/zsh here and the first one shows prompt and refers to files and folders in Windows as /c/... but the second as /mnt/c/... for one and the same folder or ...
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Jupyter Notebooks in VS Code using WSL 2 are not working

I want to use Jupyter Notebooks inside VS Code running within WSL 2. Regular Python works within WSL without a problem, that means the base conda enviroment is connected and I can run .py files. ...
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How to predict CMake's choice of LIBDIR on a given platform

In my application suite I build Libtiff from source and then link it to an application that I write myself. Libtiff's CMakeLists.txt files specify that the static libraries go into the library ...
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