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30 views and document.timeline.currentTime

MDN The method returns a high resolution timestamp in milliseconds. It represents the time elapsed since Performance.timeOrigin MDN document.timeline.currentTime ...
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Why does differ so much from console.time?

I've just made a quick sort algorithm in javascript and now want to time it. My first approach was with console.time and console.timeEnd but after reading around a little I found out that performance....
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console.time() vs in Node.js

I found several articles on the Internet and questions here about how to measure the code performance in Node. But I got results that differ by about two times, depending on the measurement tool. ...
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toFixed() behavior on

When using toFixed on, it reveals some digits which I assume normally rounded. But it seems, the range changes based on platform. On chrome(v87.0.4280.66), it can get up to 35 digits ...
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How can jestjs test a function that uses

I'm writing a jestjs test for a ES6 class that uses But it doesn't seem to work. Is there a way to user perf-hooks globally from the jest.config.js? Or a way to mock performance ...
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Where do I put calls?

I have written a small script to compare function's implementations by execution time. It runs a functon, for example, 1e6 times and sums the execution time for each call. I got puzzled as to where ...
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Node.js - is not a function

I have a Node.js app. When I run node -v from the command-line, I see the following: v10.3.0 This is relevant because I'm interested in using the Performance Hooks. I've created the most basic thing ...
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2 answers

How to get microsecond timings in JavaScript since Spectre and Meltdown

The situation When writing high-performance JavaScript code, the standard profiling tools offered by Chrome et al are not always sufficient. They only seem to offer function-level granularity and it ...
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4 answers

How can I convert output to a UTC String?

In our code, we were previously calculating the difference between to events like so: var beginTime = new Date(); // Do stuff var endTime = new Date(); var duration = endTime.getTime() - beginTime....
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ReferenceError: performance is not defined when using

I am getting an error ReferenceError: performance is not defined when trying to use to measure the execution time of a function call: export async function find(someId: string, ctx: ...
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667 views returns different values when we change the order of execution

I was just trying to see the performance difference in using || (double pipes, short-circuit operator, which should be faster) instead of |. But the result gave no insight to the actual performance ...
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2 answers
573 views called before requestAnimationFrame - has a larger t

So I have a simple function: var start = function(){ lastFrame =; requestAnimationFrame((t)=>{interval(t)}); } And my interval function (just for test purposes I have ...
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16 votes
4 answers

requestAnimationFrame [now] vs time discrepancy

Assumptions: rAF now time is calculated at the time the set of callbacks are all triggered. Therefore any blocking that happens before the first callback of that frame is called doesn't affect the ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Javascript's and Nodejs [duplicate]

I'm new to Nodejs and I'm confused about something when timing: If Nodejs is Javascript, then why Javascript's doesn't work on Nodejs and I'm forced to use console.time() or the ...
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about to test function execute time

I am currently creating a short javascript demo by myself just for inspect function performance purpose. The code is below: (function(){ 'use strict'; var getFunctionExecuteTime = function(...
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85k views vs

What is the difference between and Should I consider as a replacement for since is more consistent and independent?
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2 answers

Is in web workers reliable?

I have this long running script that is being executed by a dedicated web worker, and I want to know how long time the execution takes, in real world time. time1 =; ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Timing with javascript

I am trying to time the execution of my function in milliseconds. I use in order to do that. I am able to get the time on the first run, but on the second, third, and so on runs I ...
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Why not use all the time

The new function is supposed to have better accuracy than All of the sites I have read seem to only use the new function for measuring execution times with the aim of ...
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Control and measure precisely how long an image is displayed

For a reaction time study (see also this question if you're interested) we want to control and measure the display time of images. We'd like to account for the time needed to repaint on different ...
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