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sclite (SCTK) `make check` faliure, C++/perl/Cygwin, Safe to use Perl4 stuff?

I am currently trying to install NIST's sclite, which is part of SCTK 2.4.0 (github or newer version). I am attempting the install on Cygwin in bash. The installation is done using make. I have ...
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Is there a Perl shortcut to count the number of matches in a string?

Suppose I have: my $string = "one.two.three.four"; How should I play with context to get the number of times the pattern found a match (3)? Can this be done using a one-liner? I tried this: my ($...
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Why isn't Perl's tr/// doing what I want?

I am using Perl for a script that takes in input as two short strings of DNA. As an output, I concatenate the two strings strings then print the second string lined up over its copy at the end of the ...
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How do I chomp a string if I have Perl 4?

I am writing a script on my personal machine which is connected to the remote server. I think the remote server has Perl 4.0 or lesser version installed and that is why it is unable to recognize the ...
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