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An open-source CMS created using Phalcon PHP framework.

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How Can I use operator ternary in phalcon version 3.4 in volt?

I would like to use the phalcon ternary operator provided by version 3.4, but I would like to use it with the one validation at the same time. {% set pageType = 'basicSetting' %} {{ pageType == '...
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Add Pre default text in phalcon flash messages

In phalcon default flash messaging service only provide with default error div. <div class="alert alert-warning">Our message</div> But i want to add something inside div box like this. ...
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How to get the post parameters in before dispatch loop phalcon

We can access post data in controller something like this: $request = $this->di->get("request"); $data = $request->getJsonRawBody(); But is there any way to access POST data in services.php....
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Phalcon PHP - Array options to validator

What options do I send to Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Validator\ construct? Thank you.
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PhalconPHP: Repeating field collection multiple times and saving to multiple models

I am creating a form that has multiple sub-forms inside it. Let me elaborate: I am creating a form for a class in the university. That class has multiple stuff in its model like "name","size", etc.. ...
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Error when installing phalconEye

I'm trying to install PhalconEye, and when I submit the infos about the database, the installation stops proceeding, and the error below is displayed SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access ...
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How to connect multiple database in phalcon framework

i have to database namely master and xyz ,in that i required to connect both database in application . so is it possible to connect multiple database in one application and yes then how.?
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What CMS can be used with Phalcon framework? [closed]

I've been using Wordpress for the past 4 years for developing small and medium websites. Now I have an enterprise project and I'm considering using Phalcon PHP framework. My enterprise project will ...
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