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Questions tagged [pixelmed]

A Java library for DICOM (medical imaging)

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1 answer

How to get private vendor attribute tag in C_FIND from pixelmed?

i'm trying to read a private vendor tag from a dicom server. The only tags I'm able to read successfully are the standard DICOM tagFromNames the tag is 2001,100b, and in my example set of files they ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Failed resolution of: Ljavax/imageio/stream/FileImageInputStream when using Java library

I'm trying to make an app which creates a DICOM file. There is a java library called PixelMed. I tried to use it in my Android project but when accessing methods from the library I get Failed ...
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1 answer

pixelmed : Cannot read dicom file

I am trying to follow the tutorial at to read dicom files. Here is ...
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1 answer

DICOM Header parsing using pixelMed

Am trying to read DICOM Header using pixelMed Library. Here's the code snippet. try { DicomInputStream dis = new DicomInputStream (new ByteArrayInputStream(...
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1 answer

Need guidance for DICOM compression using Pixelmed library

I am new to DICOM, I have already done compression of DICOM images using GDCM library. But as it creates dependency on Dll files, I am looking for alternatives ways to do it. I have came across ...
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1 answer

Android - display DICOM image with PixelMed Java DICOM Toolkit

Do you know how can I display a DICOM image using PixelMed™ Java DICOM Toolkit on Android? If it is not possible which library should I use to do that?
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1 answer

How to access dicom attributes in nested sequences using pixelmed (java)?

I need to access all GantryAngle values within each ControlPointSequence attribute within the BeamSequence attribute. Here is a quick visualization of the nesting Beam Sequence ... Control ...
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0 votes
1 answer

Read and Write on DICOM attribute with pixelmed

I'm trying to read data attribute from its tag in Java with the library pixelmed. the code that I had is : public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException, DicomException { ...
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