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PlayCanvas is an HTML5, JavaScript, WebGL game engine

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WebAR project in playcanvas

I want to access webcam in my playcanvas project.And also want to use the face detection API for my project.Now how should I write code for this? Can anyone help me to make a project in playcanvas? Is ...
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My 3D JavaScript game in PlayCanvas does nothing

I am in PlayCanvas and for the first time I'm making a 3d game. I tried to make a simple movement script but, with no errors in the code that I can see, it is not working. I made this script: var ...
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PlayCanvas - Not able to see orange box on pointing hiro marker

I am expecting to see orange box when i point my mobile towards the hiro marker on my laptop screen. However i dont see it. Can anyone tell me what am i doing wrong ? Here is the project that i launch ...
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Audio doesn't work in a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G running Android 12 on an app compiled through Cordova

When I launch the game on Samsung Galaxy A32 5G running Android 12 the audio can't be heard. Platforms on which I've confirmed the audio functions as intended: Windows 11 on Chrome, Firefox, and ...
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Store and Use image according to the User | PlayCanvas

i'm actually working on a PlayCanvas project to renderer some object with the texture i want. My problem is, in PlayCanvas build , in the config.json there is a path for this texture like : "type&...
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Canvas position of cursor image in different resolution screens

I am trying to make a multiplayer game in which the user will be playing the game in desktop screen and the same will be displayed in multiple screens. I have give a cursor image to display the ...
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WebRTC Data channel type mismatch

I'm trying to implement WebRTC communication inside playCanvas but I'm having trouble establishing a connection between Peers. To start with the local environment, I'm using Brave Browser and Ubuntu ...
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net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR for large png files on throttled/slow connection

I'm having problem's loading large png texture files for a playcanvas app when the connection is bad. For some reason chromium browser's say the request fails with net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR. I've ...
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Javascript functions between canvas, iframe and HTML page

I am currently working on a PlayCanvas project which is going to be embedded in an iFrame inside a slideshow(Articulate Storyline). The slideshow application lets me use Javascript by using: player....
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Is there a way to switch between front and back cameras mid application

I am trying to develop a web-ar experience that allows the user to switch between front and back cameras throughout the experience, while utilizing SLAM/6dof while using the back camera. Ideally I'd ...
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Problem grabbing image from server with https request in PlayCanvas

I'm trying to use the PlayCanvas OAuth and CORS to request an image from a service via HTML request. as I understood the response return a JSON holding the data, and in this question I just want to ...
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facebook instant game publishing

we are developing a game for Facebook Instant Games Platform (messenger); The game works fine for developers and testers and is virtually ready for submission; however, when we sent the game for ...
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Importing a WebGL framework (PlayCanvas) into React

I am currently trying to import a webGL engine known as PlayCanvas into React. PlayCanvas Github Since PlayCanvas runs on JS and the code will stay in my index.html; I am having trouble ...
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Do 3D models have size information?

I know 3d model (.fbx, .obj etc) files have accurate scale information. But do they also have embedded unit measurement information (inches, centimeters)? Is it possible to include units information ...
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Publishing (multiple) PlayCanvas apps on a website

I’ve got an issue with publishing my PlayCanvas apps on a website. These website will contain ui elements to control the PlayCanvas apps. I want to publish the PC app (canvas) in a specific div. How ...
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2d screen velocity to 3d world velocity while camera is rotated

I am creating a small demo game where you can rotate around earth and launch satellites into space. But I have some trouble with the calculations. You can drag the mouse from the platform to a ...
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How to monkey patch a recursive function

I'm using a library (playcanvas) that exposes a function clone() that is called recursively for all the nodes in a hierarchy. If I monkey patch the function to execute some additional code, this will ...
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Pathfinding.js in PlayCanvas

I am making a space game using Playcanvas. I want to add some AI to ships that fly around and shoot. I don't have any idea of how to impliment Pathfinding.js on a 3D space, let alone, using the ...
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Cross-origin image at may not be loaded with PlayCanvas and Amazon s3

I'm trying to load texture with PlayCanvas webGL library from an Amazon S3 bucket but an error happens after loading: Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'texImage2D' on 'WebGLRenderingContext'...
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playcanvas 2D fallback for bad or no WebGL support

Is there any known implementation of a 2D canvas fallback for the awesome playcanvas game engine? The idea is that the system should test rendering performance during the loading process in WebGL vs ...
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