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Separate file for SQL database

Using Visual Studio 2017, for a C# project, how do I create my SQL database in a separated and portable file?
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Lightweight portable cross-platform client-server database

Is there a lightweight (in size and memory usage), portable (that i can copy and paste it to another computer without reconfiguration, or rsync it with ease), cross-platform (that runs on windows and ...
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Connect PHP With Portable MySQL [closed]

Is it possible to connect PHP with portable MySQL file ?
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Simple CRUD Application with portable database

after much searching I am going to pose my question here. If there is a duplicate and my search-foo abilities failed me I will gladly defer to it. On to the question. I have a heavy background in ...
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Non-installed database

I need a database for my application. However, I want a portable database like SQL Express that user does not need to install any database. However my environment is now changed to Linux. Any ...
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Microsoft Access Database instead of SQLite or Local Database

Does a Microsoft Access Database is a possible solution to this question? SQLite seems to be exactly what I want but I cannot make it work in the .NET framework 4.0. I was thinking about using a ...
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How to create portable inserts from SQL Server?

Now it generates inserts like INSERT [Bla] ([id], [description], [name], [version]) VALUES (CAST(1 AS Numeric(19, 0)), convert(t... It's very SQL Server specific. I would like to create a script ...
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2 answers

How do you create portable databases with MsBuild?

I want to store in my solution a project containing the database creation scripts. When this project is built, it must generate a database file, which will then be used by this and other projects of ...
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6 answers

Portable PostgreSQL for development off a usb drive

In order to take some development work home I have to be able to run a PostgreSQL database. I don't want to install anything on the machine at home. Everything should run off the usb drive. What ...
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Making a website/project Portable

Good evening/morning/after/noon. I have an 3.5 website and I am using in VWD 2008 Express, I am also using MS SQL Server 2008 Express, I used ajax tabs and a textBox charavters counter ...
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portable non-relational database

I want to experiment/play around with non-relational databases, it'd be best if the solution was: portable, meaning it doesn't require an installation. ideally just copy-pasting the directory to ...
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7 answers

Portable database for storing secrets

I'm developing a application that needs storing secrets in a database. I need a portable database (like Firebird, Sqlite, etc) where the data will be stored encrypted or password protected or both... ...
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4 answers

Can I install SQL Server on a USB drive?

I'm a developer and I often work remotely when I can rather than commuting to work. I would like to be able to take the dev database environment with me. I know I can access the database remotely, but ...
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11 answers

Alternatives to Access [closed]

Are there any alternatives to MS Access? Requirements: Portable Database file Integrated form development for data entry No compiling necessary. Can be modified on the fly. Two more requirements: ...
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