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ProcFwk is short for 'processing framework', although a generic concept this tag specifically relates to the open-source code project started by @mrpaulandrew. It offers a metadata driven approach to the orchestration of integration pipelines within the Microsoft cloud platform, using either Azure Data Factory or Azure Synapse Analytics control flow components. See for more details.

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InvalidPipelineNameError - Worker pipeline [Intentional Error] is not valid in target Orchestrator [MyOrchestrator]

I'm having trouble troubleshooting this issue I'm running into when trying to run the sample packages for the framework. For each infant package I get the following error: Operation on target Throw ...
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Grant the framework orchestrator access to itself for the 'Pipeline Already Running' utility

How do I grant the framework orchestrator access to itself allowing the 'Pipeline Already Running' to occur? In the documentation found here:
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Azure Data Factory Pipeline Orchestration Framework

I got around 9 source system (on premises / cloud based). Every source system has to end up in Raw zone of Data Lake for both Initial and Incremental Load. But few will go through standardisation ...
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