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Testing Product Catalog APIs with WhatsApp Messaging

We are building a platform for WhatsApp business messaging. For this, we need to test the product catalog messaging APIs. However, it seems there is no way to do so without creating a public business ...
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Adding a product catalog to google sites that reads data from a Google Sheet and is public facing

I have had enough of the issues with WordPress and am trying to come up with a replacement for a Ecommerce site. We are a very small business and so limited funds. I have a third party provider that ...
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ASP.NET Core : how to create PDF Product Catalog With a template with an image in the background

I am developing a web application with ASP.NET Core. The application will select the products on the e-commerce website, create headings according to categories and subcategories, and create a PDF ...
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Whatsapp Cloud - Product Catalog - Batch APIs not working

We need to create, update or delete product(s) from our catalog. For doing this programatically we are following Meta's Product Catalog Batch API documentation in which there is an endpoint mentioned ...
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How to add subcategories to custom post type of product catalogue without plugin and woocommerce

i am stuck at problem. I have created a custom post type namely "products". In this custom post i have added a taxonomy category namle as "product categories". In product categories i have added my ...
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Currency not shown in Facebook Product Catalog (WooCommerce Plugin)

I'm using the Facebooks's plugin for WooCommerce to upload a datafeed to a Product Catalog. However, at my Facebook shop page the currency is not shown - only the price amount. When I log in to ...
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How to add products to Facebook Catalog using a pixel

✋ I have done and met all the requirements to build a "product catalog" based on the "Facebook pixel" but it doesn't work. I have the pixel connected to the catalog The pixel is well implemented in ...
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Retrieve Products By Category from OpenCart

How do I write a PHP snippet to read an OpenCart database to pull products by category and display it outside of an OpenCart framework? So for instance, I build this nice frontend website for widgets ...
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