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Prunsrv is a service application for running applications as services. It can convert any application to run as a service.

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Apache Commons Daemon (prunsrv) problems in JDK17

Good morning, Before JDK17 I had a working setup to use prunsrv in Windows to start a Java app as a service. Now I tried the same in JDK17 and I got errors. I could make some progress but now I am ...
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org.jasypt.exceptions.EncryptionOperationNotPossibleException Jasypt and Hibernate running as windows service

A Hibernate application (no spring-boot) uses Jasypt-1.9.3 to decrypt database password from properties file. And it works just fine as a jar. However when the jar file is run as windows service using ...
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prunsrv installed service cannot start

I tried to install a java program using prunsrv. The environment is Windows 2008 R2 64 bit, the jar file was complied with Java 1.8 64 bit. The result service registry entry was also attached. The ...
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Procrun (prunsrv.exe) fails to find jvm.dll automatically with JDK 11

Using the latest Apache Commons Daemon 1.2.0 on a Windows machine with JDK 11, it fails to automatically find the jvm.dll file and throws the following error: ( javajni.c:227 ) [ 4588] Invalid ...
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Is it possible to start a Java Runtime Image with prunsrv using jvm mode?

Background: Since Java 9 it is possible to create custom runtime images (JRE+program) using jlink. It is possible to install Java programs as Windows service using prunsrv.exe (part of Apache Commons ...
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FindClass failed with prunsrv & springboot?

I was trying to following the instructions here for running my Spring Boot web service as a windows service. If i point start to org.springframework.boot.loader.JarLauncher then my web service starts ...
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Apache Commons Daemon specify classpath

I try to deploy a program as windows service with apache commons daemon. i have everything set up fine beside the classpath. Classpath=C:\test\test-service\lib\* specifies where the service itself ...
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Can't set User to run the service

I'm using prunsrv to run a jar file as a windows service. I need to change the user that runs the service from LocalSystem to a machine user and i can't seem to make it work. This is the bash script ...
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karaf (4.0.8) with commons-daemon

We are using Karaf(4.0.8) for first time , we are almost completed all the stuff but stuck at service mode. We dont want to use service wrapper (which is tanuki license ). We want to use Commons-...
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WildFly 10.1 Service is not starting

When starting the WildFly service it fails with the error message: The data area passed to a system call is too small. This is how I installed the service: I have copied C:\wildfly-10.1.0.Final\...
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Does prunsrv.exe use multiple threads to run a Java application as a service?

Configured a jvm mode Java Windows service following this tutorial: ( I am printing log ...
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Apache Commons Daemon service breaks JRE (and other strange things)

We have developed a jar that gets wrapped as a Windows service using Procrun, the Apache Commons Daemon component for windows services. Everything works well on my own computer and on a few other ...
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Apache common daemons - procrun. Stop service hanging

Hi I installed my java service to run through apache common daemons prunsrv. I have problems stopping it. Sometimes when restarting the service from the windowse services console it hangs; the strange ...
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prunsvc can't run java executable as service on Windows 8.1

I have converted a java executable jar to a Windows executable using Launch4j. I have installed it and a jre to a Windows 8 box, in the c:\program files (x86)\mycomany directory, and executed the ...
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How to close a prunsrv service propertly in spring?

I'm using apache prunsrv service to install a jar as a windows service. When the service is shut down, the application crashes. set PR_STARTMETHOD=main set PR_STOPMETHOD=exit My startup and shutdown ...
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Start service from prunsrv and jdk8

I have simple jar which includes the class MainClass with static start and stop methods. When I use JDK6 and Prunsrv my service starts and stops successfully. When I switch to JDK I get this error ...
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