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SSH timeout not taken into account when using a ProxyJump

I would like to reduce the connection timeout error when connecting to my hosts with pyinfra, through a ProxyJump The ~/.ssh/config file is properly set on my host: Host sshJump HostName ...
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Pyinfra - host/config objects

I was trying to run through some of the examples from pyinfra's docs to see if this tool would work for me (so I could manage some servers using good old Python) and I even found they had an example ...
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Pyinfra run python code inside target host

What would be the most appropriate way to execute arbitrary python code inside the target host ? I saw the operations.python which use "the context of a deploy". The context seem to be an ...
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pyinfra: how to know when an operation causes a change

Sometimes, you need to run more commands if one command causes a change on the remote system. Good examples would be: You update a systemd service file. If the file was actually changed, then you ...
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Pyinfra missing positional argument

According to the docs,, I should be able to call host.get_fact(LinuxName) as it is, but when I do, it is complaining about a position ...
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Pyinfra Forwarding SSH Agent

I'm using pyinfra to run some script on server X that rsyncs some files from server Y. However I'm getting a Permission denied (publickey). error as the public key of X is not on Y. Is there a way to ...
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How to include custom modules in pyinfra?

I'm using pyinfra to provision some files. I would like to know the best place to put custom modules. Example Given a custom fact that returns True if a system is not headless: class HasGui(FactBase):...
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