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Reading XML on python 2.1

So, i'm trying to process a XML file on python. I'm using minidom as I'm in python 2.1 and there's no change to updating to 3.6. Currently, I have this import xml.dom.minidom as minidom import ...
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Sorting a list based on another list with DSU

For a class project, I need to use python 2.1, and I'll probably have to use DSU for sorting, which I'm not familiar with. So I'd like some help if possible. I have a list for storing vertexes and ...
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python __import__() imports from 2 different directories when same module exists in 2 locations

I have a python application , which has directory structure like this. -pythonapp -module1 -submodule1 -submodule2 ...
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exceptions.AttributeError : SMTP instance has no attribute 'login' : <traceback object at 006BB1D0>

Hey I have a windows server running python CGI scripts and I'm having a little trouble with smtplib. The server is running python 2.1 (unfortunately and I can not upgrade it). Anyway I have the ...
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