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Is s.rfind() in Python implemented using iterations in backward direction?

Does rfind iterates over a string from end to start? I read the docs and see str.rfind(sub[, start[, end]]) Return the highest index in ...
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Error message while running a Python file on Command Prompt

I am reaching out due to an error message rendered while running a file on command prompt with Python. When typing this: "C:\Users\ibrah\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\...
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Using Python builtin library in subproject of a Python project in PyCharm

I've started with a python project in PyCharm (2023.2.1 Community Edition) with only one module/project to which I have added another project that sits at the same level as the first project in the ...
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Why is 'None' in builtins.__dict__

The following are true: 'None' in keyword.kwlist 'None' in builtins.__dict__ # import builtins My understanding: Python evals identifier x by getting object builtins.__dict__[x] Python evals ...
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Why does `__builtins__` not contain itself?

The following code seems like a good way to get an overview of the builtin objects in Python. dunder = [] # 8 lower_fun = [] # 41 lower_type = [] # 26 lower_sitebuiltins = [] # 6 upper_exception ...
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How to add custom attributes to a Python list?

I'm trying to associate additional data with a Python list. Ideally, I'd like to add custom attributes to a list object, similar to how you'd add attributes to a custom class. For example: a = [1, 2, ...
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