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Questions relating to the QOR development suite (SDK) for Go (Golang).

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Integrating Qor with Beego, getting invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference error

I have a simple web app that is using the Beego framework. I have recently discovered and want to play around with using it along side Beego. I have followed this documentation to integrate Qor with ...
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Problem with Gin Gonic and Qor Admin: error 500 on heroku

I want to create an admin panel for my project and i used Qor admin with Gin. When i tested it on localhost it didnt cause any errors or exeptions, but when i commit it to heroku i`ll get 500 error; I ...
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QOR example panic

I'm trying to run the program this link. However I run it and it leads to a panic on the gorm side. Since I'm new to go language, I have no idea how to debug it. An mini-version of the program (...
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Qor admin disable create button and update selected item

In qor admin, how do I disable the create button and disable update the selected item? I've tried, but I can only hide the Delete button in action for each record. Here is my code: borrowerLog := a....
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Associated belongs with qor admin

I have these two structures: type Collection struct { gorm.Model APIKey string CollectionID string Name string Environments []Environment } type Environment struct { ...
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How compiled language like Go performs without dynamic load compared to interpreted languages?

I switched to Go from interpreted languages like javascript, php, python. After using some CMS frameworks for web app like qor then i realized it loads all the resources at runtime like: backend and ...
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How to make fields in QoR model readonly?

I have a data model: type Epg struct { gorm.Model Uri string `gorm:";not null;unique"` Prefix string `gorm:"size:64;not null;default:''"` Etag string Updated time.Time ...
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