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Qubole Data Service (QDS) is cloud Big Data service running on an elastic Hadoop-based cluster

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UDF to generate JSON string behaving inconsistently

I'm trying to generate a JSON string to store a variable number of history records in a single STRING column. The code works on all of my small tests, but fails (no error, just no data) when run on ...
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Autoscaling EMR- is it required? Should I just use EC2? Should I just use Qubole?

In order to reduce the time for provisioning, we've decided to keep up a dedicated EMR cluster with 5 instances (we expect to need about 5). In case we need more, we think we'll need to implement some ...
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Avoid pre-signed URL expiry when IAM role key rotates

In Airflow I have 2 tasks defined that run every day: the first one creates a zip file and saves it in AWS under s3://{bucket-name}/foo/bar/{date}/ the second one pre-signs that url (...
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