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Histogram in R with groups using Lattice/Mosaic?

I am trying to make a histogram with two groups: one where (x<60 || x>100), and one where that condition is false. Basically like this: update 2023.08.03 - - - - - - - This code is exactly what ...
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I am trying to mosaic multiple multi band datasets into a single large multi band raster in R.I tried to do it with this code but it returns a single band image. library(sp) library(raster) ...
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problems finding the right parameter value to fit a curve to observations using fitModel

I want to find the value which makes the following function predict the observations contained in the following dataset. require(mosaic) d=data.frame(t=c(41.5,44,42.77,47), y=c(230,76.4/60,3.4,1)) ...
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mosaic plot with two variables

This time i am struggling with plotting a mosaic plot. I have 9 town districts and in every district individuals were scored health score 1 or health score 2+3. I want to visualise this in a plot but ...
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Using mosaicCalc::D() to differentiate expression giving unexpected result

I am attempting to differentiate the expression -1+3*x^2/1+x^2 with respect to x, but the output is incorrect. The correct output should be: 8x/(1+x^2)^2 #> library(mosaicCalc) #> #> l=D(-1+3*...
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Corrupt raster, while merging multiple raster tiles

I have a around 1000 raster tiles. I am trying to merge them as a single raster tile. library(raster) raster_tile_path <- list.files("file_path", full.names = TRUE, ...
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Do anyone know of a conda channel that contain the mosaic package?

Some users have asked me to install the mosaic package ( in our conda setup, but I cannot r-mosaic anywhere. I do find r-mosaiccore and r-mosaicdata but this is not ...
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Error while adding panel.lmbands to lattice plot in R

I want to add panel.lmbands from mosaic package. I am using the following code library(lattice) library(tidyverse) library(hydroGOF) library(mosaic) library(latticeExtra) summ <- iris %>% ...
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R does not count greater than or equal correctly with randomized data [duplicate]

I'm teaching a unit on simulation based inference (single proportion test) using the mosaic package in R, and I'm having trouble getting R to count the number of simulations in which the simulated ...
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R-Mosaic: Is there a mean.n function?

is there a mean.n function (just as in SPSS) in mosaic in R? I have 3 columns of data (including "NA") and I want a new column to have the means of the 3 data points for each row. How do I ...
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Favstats (R-Mosaic) returns an error due to non numeric variables although variables are only numeric

I am trying to get Favstats to work. I am using a "normal" Dataset with numeric variables that I have loaded in with: ALLBUS2018 <- read.csv("~/Desktop/ALLBUS2018.csv", sep=&...
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Does the new update of mosaic (1.8.3) not work on mac?

I notice that the mosaic package was updated a few days ago (1.8.3). Since then, I keep getting an error message that mosaic can't load. > library(mosaic) Error: package or namespace load ...
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slice_plot() could not find function error

I'm following the book "Computer-age Calculus with R" but cannot run the function slice_plot( which is the first one used for graphing functions). The library mosaic, mosaicCalc and ...
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What does this error mean when I try and install the Mosaic package in R?

When I try and install the mosaic package in R studio, I get the following messages: > install.packages('mosaic', dependencies = TRUE) Warning in install.packages : dependencies ‘latticeExtra’, ‘...
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what does ""fun" is missing" error mean from mosaic() in [r] raster package?

I am trying to mosaic a (subset of a) list of rasters in [r] using mosaic() from the raster package. I am basing my code on posts such as: R: Raster mosaic from list of rasters? I have tried ...
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Iris dataset mean() by species [closed]

I want to create some mean of sepal.length, but divided by species. Using mosaic package mean(Sepal.Length~Species) It didn't work
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How to tell mosaic (mosaic plot, R, VCD package) to always print the p value even when using residual shading?

When I make a mosaic plot with default shading shade=T the p-value displays under the legend mosaic(~ gear + carb, data = mtcars, shade=T) When I instead use Friendly2 shading, I don't get the p-...
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Having trouble getting 2x2 table Mosaic Plot to display in R-shiny

raw data I'm creating an Rshiny app that will allow a user to upload some clinical data, and view several different plots, based on the tabs they open. These include a line plot, pie chart, and mosaic ...
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Rotating y axis labels with mosaic plots WITHOUT overlap

This question is extremely similar to this one yet from another point of view which has not been responded. Following the proposed code, I am able to generate mosaic plots and rotate the labels so ...
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Why is RStudio giving an error when using plotFun from the Mosaic package?

My students are using the Mosaic package for RStudio, and one of them is not able to use the function plotFun. Every time she tries to use it, she gets the same error. For example, > plotFun(x+2~x)...
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Two tails in distribution plots

I'm learning statistics and R using the mosaic package, amongst others. For a two tailed test it would be useful if I could see(and get the results) from distribution functions without having to ...
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Mosaic fails when reading rasters from disc but not from memory

I ran into a weird issue when trying to make a mosaic from several hundred rasters. The satellite imagery I'm using is not perfectly aligned or shares the exact same resolution, so I followed the ...
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Using antiD function for variance of gamma distribution

This is my first post here and I hope I'll follow all the rules of the community. I'm trying to calculate variance of gamma distribution with shape parameter 2 and scale parameter 3 in R using ...
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"car" package url out of date

I am trying to follow along in the Statistical Sleuth here to teach myself some regression analysis for my job in machine learning, but when installing the "mosaic" package it requires the "car" ...
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Return a data frame using replicate command

The "do" command from the mosaic package nicely returns a data frame by default. require(mosaic) require(Sleuth3) nulldist1 <- do(10)*t.test(Incidents~shuffle(Launch), ...
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calling knitr within a function

I have been using knitr, R markdown, and pandoc to create beamer presentations/lectures for a course I'll be teaching in the fall. I've written a short R script to automate the process (analogous to a ...
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generate a random vector with specific number of negative numbers

I'm doing a failure analysis, for which I like to try some different scenarios and some random trials. So far I've done this with the mosaic package and its working out great. In one specific ...
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Can I have R vignette with a pre-compiled PDF with manual index.html show up the vignette list?

I want to include a pre-compiled PDF as a vignette in a R package. The PDF is not generated via Sweave. Without a .Rnw to process, there is no \VignetteIndexEntry to cause the usual automatic ...
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