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R package not running preprocessing scripts in data-raw

After reading this and this, I thought that R scripts in data-raw are executed on the package build and data are moved to the data folder for lazyloading. But it's not working in this test package. ...
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How to remove duplicate package alias in autocreated pkgname-package.R?

I used lifecycle for the depreciated badge, which required me to use usethis::use_package_doc (I BELIEVE - this may not have been the function but I think it was). This resulted in a script myPkgName-...
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How to solve this warning message: renv took longer than expected to activate the sandbox

After installing certain packages in R I got this message: Warning message: renv took longer than expected (20 seconds) to activate the sandbox. The sandbox can be disabled by setting: ...
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Cannot get Git tab to show up in RStudio

I've looked through a bunch of links so far, but so far none of them seems to solve my issue with installing the usethis package or getting my Git tab to work in R. For context, my session_info is ...
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R devtools: use local dependencies

I want to add a local package dependency using R devtools. The suggested way to add packages to the package DESCRIPTION file is one of the two functions use_package() and use_dev_package(), from the ...
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How to update internal data using use_data

I would like my script to access internal data that can be updated. The data will be countries visited and the date. Not a high frequency data set, so doesn't justify using a database. These are the ...
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Setting up GH actions in a subdirectory (several packages in one repo)

When writing R packages, I prefer to set up CI with usethis::use_github_actions(), which creates a .github/ directory in the root, where GH action jobs are designed to run:
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Unable to publish GitHub page for my R package using pkgdown

I was trying to build a website for my R package using pkgdown R package. FYI, I am not using <username> Following the instrucution (
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How to handle a private remote dependency in a new R package?

I am writing an R package (let's called it new.package) that needs to import functions from another private R package (let's called it remote.private.package). remote.private.package is a private ...
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Undo `usethis::use_XYZ()`

I'm developing a package in RStudio with usethis, trying to make use of best practices. Previously, I had run usethis::use_tidy_eval(). Now, I'm using data.table, and set this up by running usethis::...
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Can't get Github PAT to persist - RStudio & Ubuntu 20

I'm using RStudio + Github and have been following the instructions here: It works great, except that within a couple of hours the PAT no longer works and I'm ...
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Is there any way I can add/update an object in the internal R package data (`R/sysdata.rda`), albeit inadvisable?

I have an R package with internal data (by design stored in R/sysdata.rda). I would like to update one of the objects in it, or add an object to it. The usethis package has the use_data() and ...
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R: usethis: push to Github on an already created repository

I am trying to push to Github on an already created repository. I use usethis to clone a Repo, and now I wanna update and push some new files, lamentably I have some error: Repo already exists, but my ...
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R - %||% pipe operator

I'm trying to reuse snippets of code from the r-lib repository. I can't find where this particular pipe operator is defined: getOption("usethis.description") %||% list() Could anyone direct ...
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How can I use magrittr pipe (%>%) in my package?

I am trying to create a package ("packagename") to host some custom R functions and R markdown templates. I am trying to use magrittr pipe in one of the functions in it. For this, I am using ...
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large files in R package - add to .Rbuildignore?

I have a function that takes a while to run in one of my packages. It only gets called when building vignettes, so to save on build time I stored the output to the package's internal data with usethis:...
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R package build check warning about "scales"

I am building an R package, and I am constantly getting this warning about "scales" (below). I scanned my entire code, but I can't figure out where the problem is. Any suggestions would be ...
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Unable to understand 1 note in devtools::check() caused by a platform-specific device (X11)

I'm trying to upload my package to CRAN and using devtools::check(), but I'm not able to understand why the function is showing 1 note. The code is available in my repository. The check function shows ...
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R Package Development Error: cannot open URL

I've created two R packages. Now I'm in a situation in which I need package2 to rely on package1. In the project for package2, I've run this line of code: usethis::use_dev_package(package = "...
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pkgdown::build_site() not capturing R package logo in HTML renders

I recently got a new laptop with Windows 11 (despite my sessionInfo() stating Windows 10) and I'm trying to build a pkgdown site for an R package that I'm developing. This is not an issue that I have ...
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Can't install 'usethis' package

I'm using R-4.1.1 and the last version of Rstudio. My goal is to use the ggradar package but I cannot install it with install.packages because: le package ‘ggradar’ is not available for this version ...
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How to add documentation to package (not to the package's functions)

I am trying to get documentation to show up for an actual package (not its functions, since that's done automatically when documentating the package) through the help() or ? functions. For example, ...
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Error in github action from usethis package Can't find 'action.yml', 'action.yaml' or 'Dockerfile'

I have been trying to start using github actions for continuous integrations in my packages, however,even though I am using the premade functions of usethis package it is not working, and the runners ...
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`use_import_from' is not an exported object from 'namespace:usethis`

While developping an R package, I'm trying to use the function usethis::use_import_from() to import in the package a single function from another package but the function is not available whatever way ...
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How to submit an R package to CRAN via GitHub Actions?

I've created an R package and I'd like to upload it to CRAN via GitHub Actions whenever I merge changes into the master branch. I've found a lot of examples of R actions and I've even looked up how ...
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InternetOpenUrl failed: 'A connection with the server could not be established'

I have gone down a rabbit hole trying to set up Github actions to check the builds of my packages via usethis::use_github_action_check_standard(). The function fails when it tries to pull the .yaml ...
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How can I use usethis to increase version of my R package on google cloud platform?

I'm trying to increase the version of my package an R session on google cloud platform. I think I must be missing something because I thought when which was set that the code should be able to run ...
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Error installing R packages (R 3.4.4), asks for usethis when already installed

I'm having the following problem: When I try to install any R package, at first it downloads the package just fine into a temporal location, and then the following error message appears: Error: ...
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Unable to run usethis::use_vignette

I am trying to make a vignette, usethis::use_vignette("maked") but I am getting this error. Error: Function executeCommand not found in RStudio Initially I thought installing the package ...
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How to add pre-commit git hooks to check that README.Rmd and index.Rmd have been knitted?

I have an R package with a pkgdown documentation site. I want to create a git hook so that if I try to commit and push changes to either README.Rmd or index.Rmd without first knitting them to create ...
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browseVignettes: remove `source` and `R code ` files from output

I wrote an HTML vignette for my R package hosted on GitHub. When I open it with browseVignettes, it flawlessly opens on the browsers showing this content: Vignettes found by browseVignettes("...
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Cannot add a vignette to an R package

Could you please help me? I'm building an R package for the final assignment of Coursera's Building R Packages. So far, I've followed all steps to add a vignette described in the courses's readings, ...
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Github Action failing: Process completed with exit code 1 when installing system dependencies for R-CMD-Check

I am trying to run the use_github_action_check_standard() command from the usethis R package to check my package on every push on GitHub Actions. The test works without a problem on Windows and MacOS, ...
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Installed R github package does not include R/sysdata.Rda

I have an R github package that I can 'successfully' install using devtools::install_github("jwilliman/ethnicNZ") (or remotes::install_github). On github the package contains internal data saved as '...
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Installing tool from github scimpute

I am trying to install a tool from github following there instruction, ( but facing problem with installation Below code Is the code I have run for ...
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