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IBM Rational Unified Process® (RUP®) is a comprehensive process framework that provides industry-tested practices for software and systems delivery and implementation and for effective project management. It is one of many processes contained within the Rational Process Library, which offers best practices guidance suited to your particular development or project need.

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problem with the diagrams of the rational unfied process

I want to verify that i correctly understand the rational unified process. My understanding is: For the requirements specification activity, i have to design the use case diagram (a general one), ...
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In a unified process, what sort of UML models assist in the 5 disciplines?

I read there are 5 disciplines in a unified process, Requirements, Analysis, design, Implementation, and test. I've basically done the following UML's and I'm trying to add an explanation of how I ...
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Include Use Case Diagram (UML)

I have seen many use case diagrams where a use case can be included to only 1 other use case, is this right or wrong? I have the understanding that in order for a use case to be included, it must be ...
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(Rational) Unified Process vs Waterfall Model

I was reading about software development model and life cycle, where I learned about waterfall model and Unified process. However both the process involves requirement gathering, design phase, ...
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Main differences between software design processes [closed]

I want to compare the following software design processes. Waterfall model V-Model Unified Process The V-Model has test phases for each specification phase, the waterfall model doesn't. The Unified ...
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What happens if a use-case fails use-case testing?

I've not been able to find this question anywhere on the Internet, and since i'm working on my exam project at the moment, I would hope for this to get answered. What happens to a use-case if it ...
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Unified Process Analysis and Software Percentage Confusion [closed]

I want to ask something about Unified Process. In UP, every iteration has its own analysis and implementation steps. But the above image shows something different. After iteration 5, 90% of ...
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Something simplier SW tool than Enterprise architect?

I'm looking for our (middle sized) project some suitable SW tool for creating and maintaining software requirements specifications. We need to work with both models - requirements model and use case ...
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Differences between (R)Unified Process And Extreme Programming

I've searched for at question like this and i dont think there are one. As the title says... I know there are huge differences between how to do things in (R)UP and in XP as a way of developing ...
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Advantages of the Unified Software Development Process [closed]

Why adopt the UP process over others? What are the relative advantages? I know that it is closely coupled with UML but clearly this cannot be the only advantage? Why choose this approach over others?
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What does `Artifacts` actually mean in Unified Process?

I read a book recently on Design patterns: I came across the word Artifacts in each pages many times! What are they actually? Where it should be used? In UP, artifacts are really important and they ...
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Choosing the right methodology for developing a system such as Control Monitoring System [closed]

I want to know the scope of the sufficient impact of the RUP methodology. i know it would be so efficient in on IS Systems such as MIS and HIS and so on but when you want to design and develop a ...
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do i need a license to apply the RUP? [closed]

I am probably being desperately naive here, but i wanted to clear something up. RUP appears to be a proprietary process owned by IBM. What implications does that have for any project wanting to ...
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Using Essential Use Cases to design a UI-centric Application [closed]

I'm begging a new project (oh, how I love the fresh taste of a new project!) and we are just starting to design it. In short: The application is a UI that will enable users to model an execution flow (...
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Learning RUP: How to start? [closed]

I would like to learn RUP... what are your suggestions? How to start? which resources? .....
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What's is the difference between include and extend in use case diagram?

What is the difference between include and extend in a use case diagram?
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Unified Process and UML confusion

Im a bit uncertain about the relation between the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and the different modelling perspectives (conceptual, specification and impelementation) endorsed by (R)UP among other ...
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What is the relation between scrum agile and RUP? [closed]

RUP in the dialogue with Scrum There is a relation between Agile and RUP. Actually I though that Agile development was a type of RUP. In the article from IBM above you can see that they are fitting ...
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