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Questions tagged [react-hooks]

React Hooks are a feature that allows developers to use state(s) and other React component lifecycle features without writing a class-based component.

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860 votes
22 answers

The useState set method is not reflecting a change immediately

I am trying to learn hooks and the useState method has made me confused. I am assigning an initial value to a state in the form of an array. The set method in useState is not working for me, both with ...
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847 votes
23 answers

How to fix missing dependency warning when using useEffect React Hook

With React 16.8.6 (it was good on previous version 16.8.3), I get this error when I attempt to prevent an infinite loop on a fetch request: ./src/components/BusinessesList.js Line 51: React Hook ...
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708 votes
24 answers

React Hooks: useEffect() is called twice even if an empty array is used as an argument

I am writing code so that before the data is loaded from DB, it will show loading message, and then after it is loaded, render components with the loaded data. To do this, I am using both useState ...
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554 votes
17 answers

How to call loading function with React useEffect only once

The useEffect React hook will run the passed-in function on every change. This can be optimized to let it call only when the desired properties change. What if I want to call an initialization ...
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548 votes
20 answers

React Hook Warnings for async function in useEffect: useEffect function must return a cleanup function or nothing

I was trying the useEffect example something like below: useEffect(async () => { try { const response = await fetch(`${subreddit}.json`); const json = ...
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435 votes
21 answers

How to use componentWillMount() in React Hooks?

In the official docs of React it mentions - If you’re familiar with React class lifecycle methods, you can think of useEffect Hook as componentDidMount, componentDidUpdate, and ...
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412 votes
23 answers

How to use `setState` callback on react hooks

React hooks introduces useState for setting component state. But how can I use hooks to replace the callback like below code: setState( { name: "Michael" }, () => console.log(this.state) ); I ...
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397 votes
17 answers

How to compare oldValues and newValues on React Hooks useEffect?

Let's say I have 3 inputs: rate, sendAmount, and receiveAmount. I put that 3 inputs on useEffect diffing params. The rules are: If sendAmount changed, I calculate receiveAmount = sendAmount * rate If ...
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377 votes
9 answers

Push method in React Hooks (useState)?

How to push element inside useState array React hook? Is that as an old method in react state? Or something new? E.g. setState push example ?
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364 votes
13 answers

Attempted import error: 'useHistory' is not exported from 'react-router-dom'

useHistory giving this error: Failed to compile ./src/pages/UserForm/_UserForm.js Attempted import error: 'useHistory' is not exported from 'react-router-dom'. This error occurred during the build ...
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357 votes
20 answers

Make React useEffect hook not run on initial render

According to the docs: componentDidUpdate() is invoked immediately after updating occurs. This method is not called for the initial render. We can use the new useEffect() hook to simulate ...
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330 votes
11 answers

componentDidMount equivalent on a React function/Hooks component?

Are there ways to simulate componentDidMount in React functional components via hooks?
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327 votes
55 answers

Invalid hook call. Hooks can only be called inside of the body of a function component

I want to show some records in a table using React but I got this error: Invalid hook call. Hooks can only be called inside of the body of a function component. This could happen for one of the ...
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321 votes
5 answers

Set types on useState React Hook with TypeScript

I'm migrating a React with TypeScript project to use hooks features (React v16.7.0-alpha), but I cannot figure out how to set typings of the destructured elements. Here is an example: interface ...
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  • 7,364
313 votes
19 answers

React Hooks useState() with Object

What is the correct way of updating state, in a nested object, in React with Hooks? export Example = () => { const [exampleState, setExampleState] = useState( {masterField: { fieldOne: &...
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  • 3,924
303 votes
6 answers

What's the difference between `useRef` and `createRef`?

I was going through the hooks documentation when I stumbled upon useRef. Looking at their example… function TextInputWithFocusButton() { const inputEl = useRef(null); const onButtonClick = () =&...
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301 votes
3 answers

In general is it better to use one or many useEffect hooks in a single component? [closed]

I have some side effects to apply in my react component and want to know how to organize them: as a single useEffect or several useEffects Which is better in terms of performance and architecture?
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298 votes
20 answers

How can I use multiple refs for an array of elements with hooks?

As far as I understood I can use refs for a single element like this: const { useRef, useState, useEffect } = React; const App = () => { const elRef = useRef(); const [elWidth, ...
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284 votes
6 answers

Can I set state inside a useEffect hook

Lets say I have some state that is dependent on some other state (eg when A changes I want B to change). Is it appropriate to create a hook that observes A and sets B inside the useEffect hook? ...
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  • 3,080
273 votes
36 answers

React Hook "useState" is called in function "app" which is neither a React function component or a custom React Hook function

I'm trying to use react hooks for a simple problem const [personState,setPersonState] = useState({ DefinedObject }); with following dependencies. "dependencies": { "react": "^16.8.6", "...
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  • 2,804
273 votes
15 answers

State not updating when using React state hook within setInterval

I'm trying out the new React Hooks and have a Clock component with a time value which is supposed to increase every second. However, the value does not increase beyond one. function Clock() { ...
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269 votes
11 answers

Determine which dependency array variable caused useEffect hook to fire

Is there an easy way to determine which variable in a useEffect's dependency array triggers a function re-fire? Simply logging out each variable can be misleading, if a is a function and b is an ...
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261 votes
11 answers

Accessing up-to-date state from within a callback

We use a third party library (over which there is limited control) that takes a callback as argument to a function. What is the correct way to provide that callback with the latest state? In class ...
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  • 3,683
247 votes
8 answers

React.useState does not reload state from props

I'm expecting state to reload on props change, but this does not work and user variable is not updated on next useState call, what is wrong? function Avatar(props) { const [user, setUser] = React....
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245 votes
11 answers

React hooks - right way to clear timeouts and intervals

I don't understand why is when I use setTimeout function my react component start to infinite console.log. Everything is working, but PC start to lag as hell. Some people saying that function in ...
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243 votes
9 answers

Multiple calls to state updater from useState in component causes multiple re-renders

I'm trying React hooks for the first time and all seemed good until I realised that when I get data and update two different state variables (data and loading flag), my component (a data table) is ...
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236 votes
8 answers

How to use callback with useState hook in react [duplicate]

I am using functional component with hooks. I need to update state in parent from a child. I am using a prop function in Parent. All works fine except my prop function is getting the previous state ...
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233 votes
8 answers

Why is useState not triggering re-render?

I've initialized a state that is an array, and when I update it my component does not re-render. Here is a minimal proof-of-concept: function App() { const [numbers, setNumbers] = React.useState([0, ...
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232 votes
14 answers

What is useState() in React?

I am currently learning hooks concept in React and trying to understand below example. import { useState } from 'react'; function Example() { // Declare a new state variable, which we'll call &...
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227 votes
20 answers

How can I force a component to re-render with hooks in React?

Considering below hooks example import { useState } from 'react'; function Example() { const [count, setCount] = useState(0); return ( <div> <...
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225 votes
4 answers

useMemo vs. useEffect + useState

Are there any benefits in using useMemo (e.g. for an intensive function call) instead of using a combination of useEffect and useState? Here are two custom hooks that work exactly the same on first ...
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224 votes
11 answers

With useEffect, how can I skip applying an effect upon the initial render?

With React's new Effect Hooks, I can tell React to skip applying an effect if certain values haven't changed between re-renders - Example from React's docs: useEffect(() => { document.title = `...
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219 votes
6 answers

In useEffect, what's the difference between providing no dependency array and an empty one?

I gather that the useEffect Hook is run after every render, if provided with an empty dependency array: useEffect(() => { performSideEffect(); }, []); But what's the difference between that, ...
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205 votes
12 answers

react hooks useEffect() cleanup for only componentWillUnmount?

Let me explain the result of this code for asking my issue easily. const ForExample = () => { const [name, setName] = useState(''); const [username, setUsername] = useState(''); ...
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  • 4,243
203 votes
17 answers

Infinite loop in useEffect

I've been playing around with the new hook system in React 16.7-alpha and get stuck in an infinite loop in useEffect when the state I'm handling is an object or array. First, I use useState and ...
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189 votes
19 answers

React useEffect causing: Can't perform a React state update on an unmounted component

When fetching data I'm getting: Can't perform a React state update on an unmounted component. The app still works, but react is suggesting I might be causing a memory leak. This is a no-op, but it ...
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187 votes
2 answers

Understanding the React Hooks 'exhaustive-deps' lint rule

I'm having a hard time understanding the 'exhaustive-deps' lint rule. I already read this post and this post but I could not find an answer. Here is a simple React component with the lint issue: const ...
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170 votes
7 answers

react useEffect comparing objects

I am using react useEffect hooks and checking if an object has changed and only then run the hook again. My code looks like this. const useExample = (apiOptions) => { const [data, updateData] ...
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169 votes
4 answers

What typescript type do I use with useRef() hook when setting current manually?

How can I use a React ref as a mutable instance, with Typescript? The current property appears to be typed as read-only. I am using React + Typescript to develop a library that interacts with input ...
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160 votes
10 answers

How to register event with useEffect hooks?

I am following a Udemy course on how to register events with hooks, the instructor gave the below code: const [userText, setUserText] = useState(''); const handleUserKeyPress = event => { ...
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159 votes
19 answers

Line 0: Parsing error: Cannot read property 'map' of undefined

Currently starting up the server on my client side, the error above is what I have been getting. I am using TypeScript, ReactJS, ESLint. I can't seem to go forward since this error has been haunting ...
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157 votes
7 answers

Handle an input with React hooks

I found that there are several ways to handle user's text input with hooks. What is more preferable or proper way to handle an input with hooks? Which would you use? 1) The simplest hook to handle ...
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157 votes
13 answers

Uncaught Invariant Violation: Rendered more hooks than during the previous render

I have a component that looks like this (very simplified version): const component = (props: PropTypes) => { const [allResultsVisible, setAllResultsVisible] = useState(false); const ...
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157 votes
2 answers

How to change the value of a Context with useContext?

Using the useContext hook with React 16.8+ works well. You can create a component, use the hook, and utilize the context values without any issues. What I'm not certain about is how to apply changes ...
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154 votes
17 answers

How to change React-Hook-Form defaultValue with useEffect()?

I am creating a page for user to update personal data with React-Hook-Form. Once paged is loaded, I use useEffect to fetch the user's current personal data and set them into default value of the form. ...
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