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React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It uses a declarative, component-based paradigm and aims to be efficient and flexible.

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22 answers

The useState set method is not reflecting a change immediately

I am trying to learn hooks and the useState method has made me confused. I am assigning an initial value to a state in the form of an array. The set method in useState is not working for me, both with ...
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How to create a protected route with react-router-dom?

How to create a protected route with react-router-dom and storing the response in localStorage, so that when a user tries to open next time they can view their details again. After login, they should ...
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10 answers

Why does calling react setState method not mutate the state immediately?

I'm reading Forms section of reactjs documentation and just tried this code to demonstrate onChange usage (JSBIN). var React= require('react'); var ControlledForm= React.createClass({ ...
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126 votes
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Why useEffect running twice and how to handle it well in React?

I have a counter and a console.log() in an useEffect to log every change in my state, but the useEffect is getting called two times on mount. I am using React 18. Here is a CodeSandbox of my project ...
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31 answers

Understanding unique keys for array children in React.js

I'm building a React component that accepts a JSON data source and creates a sortable table. Each of the dynamic data rows has a unique key assigned to it but I'm still getting an error of: Each ...
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1275 votes
63 answers

React-router URLs don't work when refreshing or writing manually

I'm using React-router and it works fine while I'm clicking on link buttons, but when I refresh my webpage it does not load what I want. For instance, I am in localhost/joblist and everything is fine ...
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5 answers

How to pass data from a page to another page using react router

Please I need help on react-router-dom, I am new to the library and can seem to find any solution since. I am getting three results from an api call, in which I map over the data to render it on UI, ...
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2324 votes
50 answers

How to programmatically navigate using React Router?

With react-router I can use the Link element to create links which are natively handled by react router. I see internally it calls this.context.transitionTo(...). I want to do a navigation. Not ...
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144 votes
7 answers

Why can't I directly modify a component's state, really?

I understand that React tutorials and documentation warn in no uncertain terms that state should not be directly mutated and that everything should go through setState. I would like to understand why, ...
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172 votes
15 answers

setState doesn't update the state immediately [duplicate]

I would like to ask why my state is not changing when I do an onClick event. I've search a while ago that I need to bind the onClick function in constructor but still the state is not updating. Here's ...
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213 votes
11 answers

React setState not updating state

So I have this: let total = newDealersDeckTotal.reduce(function(a, b) { return a + b; }, 0); console.log(total, 'tittal'); //outputs correct total setTimeout(() => { this.setState({ ...
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631 votes
36 answers

How to update nested state properties in React

I'm trying to organize my state by using nested property like this: this.state = { someProperty: { flag:true } } But updating state like this, this.setState({ someProperty.flag: false })...
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618 votes
19 answers

Correct modification of state arrays in React.js

I want to add an element to the end of a state array, is this the correct way to do it? this.state.arrayvar.push(newelement); this.setState({ arrayvar:this.state.arrayvar }); I'm concerned that ...
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9 answers

Why is setState in reactjs Async instead of Sync?

I have just found that in react this.setState() function in any component is asynchronous or is called after the completion of the function that it was called in. Now I searched and found this blog (...
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12 answers

Trying to use fetch and pass in mode: no-cors

I can hit this endpoint, via Postman and it returns JSON Additionally I am using create-react-app and would like to avoid setting up any server ...
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2046 votes
85 answers

Loop inside React JSX

I'm trying to do something like the following in React JSX (where ObjectRow is a separate component): <tbody> for (var i=0; i < numrows; i++) { <ObjectRow/> } </...
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23 answers

How to fix missing dependency warning when using useEffect React Hook

With React 16.8.6 (it was good on previous version 16.8.3), I get this error when I attempt to prevent an infinite loop on a fetch request: ./src/components/BusinessesList.js Line 51: React Hook ...
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2 answers

Link tag inside BrowserRouter changes only the URL, but doesn't render the component

I am building a Netflix clone application, and I am using react-router-dom v5 to switch between different pages. However, when I click the Link tag in Navbar.jsx, the URL changes, but the ...
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19 answers

Unable to access React instance (this) inside event handler [duplicate]

I am writing a simple component in ES6 (with BabelJS), and functions this.setState is not working. Typical errors include something like Cannot read property 'setState' of undefined or this....
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7 answers

What do multiple arrow functions mean in JavaScript?

I have been reading a bunch of React code and I see stuff like this that I don't understand: handleChange = field => e => { e.preventDefault(); /// Do something here }
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436 votes
22 answers

How to pass data from child component to its parent in ReactJS?

I'm trying to send data from a child component to its parent as follow: const ParentComponent = React.createClass({ getInitialState() { return { language: '', }; }, ...
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945 votes
23 answers

Call child method from parent

I have two components: Parent component Child component I was trying to call Child's method from Parent, I tried this way but couldn't get a result: class Parent extends Component { render() { ...
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67 answers

Error message "error:0308010C:digital envelope routines::unsupported"

I created the default IntelliJ IDEA React project and got this: Error: error:0308010C:digital envelope routines::unsupported at new Hash (node:internal/crypto/hash:67:19) at Object.createHash (...
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22 votes
2 answers

How do I render components with different layouts/elements using react-router-dom v6

I am having trouble writing code to render a login page with no navbar and sidebar. I have come across some pages that ask similar questions but none seem to pertain to my current situation. How to ...
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1445 votes
32 answers

How to pass props to {this.props.children}

I'm trying to find the proper way to define some components which could be used in a generic way: <Parent> <Child value="1"> <Child value="2"> </Parent> There is a logic ...
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6 answers

My React Component is rendering twice because of Strict Mode

My React Component is rendering twice. So, I decided to do a line-by-line debug, and the problem is here: if ( workInProgress.mode & StrictMode) { instance.render(); } React-dom....
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3 answers

Why calling setState method doesn't mutate the state immediately?

Ok, i'll try and make this quick because it SHOULD be an easy fix... I've read a bunch of similar questions, and the answer seems to be quite obvious. Nothing I would ever have to look up in the ...
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20 answers

React Hook Warnings for async function in useEffect: useEffect function must return a cleanup function or nothing

I was trying the useEffect example something like below: useEffect(async () => { try { const response = await fetch(`${subreddit}.json`); const json = ...
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7 answers

When to use React setState callback

When a react component state changes, the render method is called. Hence for any state change, an action can be performed in the render methods body. Is there a particular use case for the setState ...
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29 answers

Adding script tag to React/JSX

I have a relatively straightforward issue of trying to add inline scripting to a React component. What I have so far: 'use strict'; import '../../styles/pages/people.scss'; import React, { Component ...
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182 votes
6 answers

ReactJS component names must begin with capital letters?

I am playing around with the ReactJS framework on JSBin. I have noticed that if my component name starts with a lowercase letter it does not work. For instance the following does not render: var ...
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26 answers

What are these three dots in React doing?

What does the ... do in this React (using JSX) code and what is it called? <Modal {...this.props} title='Modal heading' animation={false}>
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459 votes
21 answers

axios post request to send form data

axios POST request is hitting the url on the controller but setting null values to my POJO class, when I go through developer tools in chrome, the payload contains data. What am I doing wrong? Axios ...
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55 votes
9 answers

Programmatically Navigate using react-router

I am developing an application in which I check if the user is not loggedIn. I have to display the login form, else dispatch an action that would change the route and load other component. Here is my ...
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692 votes
49 answers

How can I perform a debounce?

How do you perform debounce in React? I want to debounce the handleOnChange function. I tried with debounce(this.handleOnChange, 200), but it doesn't work. function debounce(fn, delay) { var timer = ...
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493 votes
24 answers

How to push to History in React Router v4?

In the current version of React Router (v3) I can accept a server response and use browserHistory.push to go to the appropriate response page. However, this isn't available in v4, and I'm not sure ...
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33 answers

Can't perform a React state update on an unmounted component

Problem I am writing an application in React and was unable to avoid a super common pitfall, which is calling setState(...) after componentWillUnmount(...). I looked very carefully at my code and ...
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301 votes
30 answers

Window is not defined in Next.js React app

In my Next.js app I can't seem to access window: Unhandled Rejection (ReferenceError): window is not defined componentWillMount() { console.log('window.innerHeight', window.innerHeight); }
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24 answers

React Hooks: useEffect() is called twice even if an empty array is used as an argument

I am writing code so that before the data is loaded from DB, it will show loading message, and then after it is loaded, render components with the loaded data. To do this, I am using both useState ...
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15 answers

State not updating when using React state hook within setInterval

I'm trying out the new React Hooks and have a Clock component with a time value which is supposed to increase every second. However, the value does not increase beyond one. function Clock() { ...
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12 answers

React: "this" is undefined inside a component function

class PlayerControls extends React.Component { constructor(props) { super(props) this.state = { loopActive: false, shuffleActive: false, } } render() { var ...
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26 answers

How can I update the parent's state in React?

My structure looks as follows: Component 1 - |- Component 2 - - |- Component 4 - - - |- Component 5 Component 3 Component 3 should display some data depending on state of Component 5. Since ...
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356 votes
40 answers

"SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0"

In a React app component which handles Facebook-like content feeds, I am running into an error: Feed.js:94 undefined "parsererror" "SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0 I ran ...
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11 answers

Why is my React component is rendering twice?

I don't know why my React component is rendering twice. So I am pulling a phone number from params and saving it to state so I can search through Firestore. Everything seems to be working fine except ...
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122 votes
9 answers

Arrow function without curly braces

I'm new to both ES6 and React and I keep seeing arrow functions. Why is it that some arrow functions use curly braces after the fat arrow and some use parentheses? For example: const foo = (params) =&...
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57 answers

Detect click outside React component

I'm looking for a way to detect if a click event happened outside of a component, as described in this article. jQuery closest() is used to see if the target from a click event has the dom element as ...
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350 votes
8 answers

How to access a DOM element in React? What is the equilvalent of document.getElementById() in React

How do I select certain bars in react.js? This is my code: var Progressbar = React.createClass({ getInitialState: function () { return { completed: this.props.completed }; }, ...
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4 answers

Whats the best way to update an object in an array in ReactJS?

If you have an array as part of your state, and that array contains objects, whats an easy way to update the state with a change to one of those objects? Example, modified from the tutorial on react: ...
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54 answers

Uncaught Error: Invariant Violation: Element type is invalid: expected a string (for built-in components) or a class/function but got: object

I am getting this error: Uncaught Error: Invariant Violation: Element type is invalid: expected a string (for built-in components) or a class/function (for composite components) but got: object. ...
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392 votes
13 answers

How to pass params with history.push/Link/Redirect in react-router v4?

How can we pass parameter with this.props.history.push('/page') in React-Router v4? .then(response => { var r = this; if (response.status >= 200 && response.status < ...
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