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UI toolkit for building accessible rich web applications with React

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Conditionally render a React component depending on a descendant's render

We use Reakit dialogs to prompt users to take an action in our React web app. On some pages, we have specific text related to the action and would like to render this specific content in the dialog. ...
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React (Reakit): How to ask for confirmation, when toggling a checkbox?

I'm wondering, if there's a way to ask for confirmation with Reakit's checkbox. I'm using Reakit, since I found a quick way to get it to read database's boolean information, but I welcome other ...
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Problems creating Checkbox with react

I'm actually trying to create a checkbox with with react and i've tryied it a lot of ways and everytime it show me the same output: the label of the checkbox at a transparent color that stays always ...
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CSS and ReaKit from Fulcro

I've written a small experimental application in Fulcro "2.6.0-RC8". If you run it you will see that the writing underneath the picture of the kitten - "Description for the card" is red. This is good -...
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