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Rebass not picking up values defined in Theme ui theme

My index file where I wrap the App component with the ThemeProvider Index.tsx import React from 'react'; import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'; import { ThemeProvider } from 'theme-ui'; import App from './...
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How to use dynamic class values like disabled or active with theme-ui?

So, I am using theme-ui and its theming capabilities, but i am new at it. In my old way, I would just use package classNames and dynamically add styles depending on props or state etc.. ala... ...
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How to change the breakpoints of Rebass?

I'm trying to change the default breakpoints, but it's not working. I followed the docs and used ThemeProvider, but Rebass is still using the default breakpoints. Instead of using emotion-theming, I ...
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How can I change rebass 'Text'(div) component to other semantic element?

The default HTML element for the Text component is div. I'd like to change the Text component HTML element to other tags such as H1, H2, H3, and P for semantic. How can I change the rebass Text ...
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Make all children the same height inside a flexBox

I have a flexBox which has 2 children. 1 child is just an icon and it doesnt seem to take up the same height as the other child. Please advice me on a way to fix this. Playground URL:URL import React ...
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Why does using prop.children on a Rebass Box component output a console.error in Chrome?

I have an app built with NextJS and I have a component composed from the Rebass Library which works, but it gives this warning in the console: Here is the component: // Container.js import { ...
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How to style Rebass Switch

Using Rebass/Forms in react and I cannot properly resize the Switch component using styles properly. (I also am using @emotion/styled) I have tried using a size attribute, but that does not give the ...
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Why using Rebass over Theme UI?

I chose Rebass as a component library for my app. Because Rebass is unopinionated about theming, it needs a theming library. Fine, I chose Theme UI to define my theme and then I started to build my ...
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ThemeUI's useThemeUI does not contain useColorMode

I'm trying to use themes in Rebass, and it suggested Theme UI for theming. After following the guide on the following, I cannot get setColorMode to work in my storybook. import useColorMode import ...
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1 answer

Is it possible to use Style System's breakpoints inside a Styled-Component?

I would like to use styled-system's breakpoint and sizing mechanism inside a styled component. Currently, I have to use 'react-media', which solves my problem, but this solution comes with a big ...
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1 answer

Extending Components in rebass.js?

Beginner here. As of now I can use Box like so: <Box p={5} fontSize={4} width={[ 1, 1, 1/2 ]} color='white' bg='magenta'> Box </Box> and give it certain specified props, as ...
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