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How to access global state from redux-loop combineReducers?

I'm using react-loop, and I'm trying to use its combineReducers but extend it to pass as a third parameter the global state, basically implementing an API similar to
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Side effect function is not getting called in using redux-loop

I am working on a react redux application where in, on a button click I need to change my window location. As of now, I am dispatching the button click action and trying to achieve the navigation in ...
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What is redux-loop and How can we use it in react native

What is redux-loop and what is the main purpose of using it in a React Native Application?
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Why redux-loop actions skip all middlewares?

I run redux-loop official example with a little change: Instead of fetch I use promise with a timeout. I added log middleware (copy-paste from tutorial). side-effect function: import {...
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Are `redux-loop` and `connected-react-router` compatible?

I have made a simple react app with the sample code from the following blogpost, which I leave only as a citation. I am otherwise new to the javascript ecosystem and am trying to fit together several ...
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React Router with Redux Loop - Reducers may not dispatch actions

I'm trying to navigate to the previous screen after a redux action. I'm using react-router with react-router-redux and redux-loop. Here's the scenario: On the home screen that there's a list of ...
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Redux-Loop dispatch not returning promise from reducer

I'm using v2.2.2 of redux-loop to handle my side-effects from a server call. Having dispactched an action from my component like so: checkStatus() { const user = Utils.toJS(this.props.user); ...
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Complex redux-loop examples?

Are there any examples of using redux-loop to handle complex ajax workflows? The official repo is very minimalistic. From the one example in the wild I was able to find (
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Redux Saga and Loop

I have a use-case where I need to integrate both Redux Saga and Loop. A naive implementation of the two together does not honor the custom CombineReducers of Loop, so when side-effects are introduced, ...
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