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Requestly is a cross-platform developer tool (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web extension, Desktop App) to set up URL Redirects/Rewrites, Modify request and response headers, Insert user scripts, Add Delays, Mock API Response, Modify query parameters, etc. Use Requestly tag only when you are trying to achieve a use case based on the above using another Chrome Extension (or in specific Requestly) and you need help around it.

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How do I override window.console.debug so that it behaves identically when the chrome dev tools is in use?

I've been using to make a Javascript script execute before the code of an annoying website that is trying to hide information from me by detecting when chrome dev tools is opened ...
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Modify HTTP response on the user-agent/client side [closed]

Using free tools, how can I modify/override a server response on the user-agent/client for any http method (e.g. POST/GET/DEL regardless of whether it is a fetch/XMLHttpRequest request)? I have tried: ...
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Removing elements of a class in a web page using JavaScript

I am trying to use the 'Requestly' extension on google chrome to remove the description text and uploaders' profile on Pinterest. I used inspect elements to identify the class they belong to and wrote ...
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How to Inject script only in a particular Iframe

I am using Requestly to Inject script but couldn't find a way to inject the script only in a particular Iframe. Is there any way to insert custom JS using Requestly in a particular iFrame in a webpage?...
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Requestly chrome extension mock api response to 503

I want to change HTTP Status Code to 503 with a custom response body on URL ending with .mpd. I am using Requestly chrome extension to intercept the request and have it failed with 503. Here is the ...
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Enter full screen automatically by inserting script in a webpage using requestly

I want to go into full-screen mode (F11) on certain pages. For this, I am using Requestly chrome extension to insert a script on a webpage. Here is the script document.body.requestFullscreen(); ...
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How can I redirect a specific URL to another after a delay?

whenever I end up on a certain page, which has a certain URL ("A"), i want my browser (Chromium) to wait there 10 seconds (without doing nothing else) and then automatically redirect me to ...
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Changing a value of an index in a buffer array

so I am using requestly to modify the http responses function modifyResponse(args) { const {method, url, response, responseType, requestHeaders, requestData, responseJSON} = args; console.log(...
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How to have Fiddler\ other application automatically intercept and modify HTTP requests parameters?

I work with a website that I dont own\ coded. Now, I need to change one of the params on the requests that are sent from this website to the server. Example: From: ...
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Simulate fake 404,500 Status Code to check frontend app behaviour

I want to simulate a fake 404 status code from the backend to see how my website will behave. I don't want to mock fake response status in the code I would like to use some tools. Cause sometimes I ...
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